Find EQ lessons on how to do everything from basic quilt layouts to drawing your own complicated blocks. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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Greg Rehill from BC Canada, presents a lesson on drawing Hexagon blocks. you need prior experience to complete this lesson. You’ll find Hexagons Lesson Part 1 in the EQ7 lessons list.  The lesson can be done in EQ6 or EQ7. Greg lets you download his Hexagon Block file whether you do his lesson or not.


During 2011, Electric Quilt (EQ) software company issued a new block design each month. This was Marlene’s entry, and she won the final challenge! Now, she’s stepped out how you too can make this amazing quilt in EQ7 along with tons of other great info.

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The Quiltmaker library links automatically to your Block Library. If not, just auto add them. Then use Quilting Designs in your quilts in EQ7. It’s easy!


If you already have Quiltmaker Quilting Designs then you know that you can print any of the Quiltmaker stencils in any size. But what you may not know is that if you had EQ7 as well you can link the Quilting Designs volumes to your EQ7 libraries and use them in your quilt designs in EQ7. One better, you can actually edit any of the stencils in EQ7 to make them your own.


Don’t forget that just one block can create a stunning and complex-looking quilt merely by repeating it. The “Wow” effect doesn’t require years of quilting experience.


Create images for books and magazines, illustrate instructions, and design product packaging!


It’s magic! This quick little lesson introduces you to playful coloring tools you may not have used — one of them even recolors the whole quilt for you. Expect the unexpected!


Learn how to use Auto Borders for quick, beautiful quilts.


Here’s a fast way to create your own New York Beauties using the he PolyArc Tool.


Here’s a fast way to create your own appliqué.


EQ7 LESSON: This “easy enough for beginners” lesson shows you how to make a new block out of an old block.


EQ7 LESSON: This easy quilt method starts with sewn Nine-Patch blocks which you cut into quarters. By flipping and rotating these quarter blocks (easy in EQ), you discover interesting secondary designs.


EQ7 AND EQ6 LESSON: Learn how to rotate fabric and design a candy striper quilt.


EQ7 LESSON: Ever want to surround a block with a small border, making the border part of the block? Here are two quick ways to do that in EQ7.


EQ7 LESSON: Based on Barbara Brackman’s lesson, learn how to create snakes in EQ7. Download the EQ project to begin this lesson.


EQ7 LESSON: Super-easy lesson about making sashes forming Ohio Stars. Even if you want a different sash look this lesson will teach you two points applying to any sash block:


EQ7 LESSON: How to make a Twister Block.


EQ7 LESSON: Learn how to draw and design a dream catcher quilt in EQ7.

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