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Fran Iverson Gonzalez is the author of our best-selling EQ Simplified series of books. Fran has taught thousands of EQ students through her popular online EQ classes offered on Her newest book is EQ6 Simplified, a guide for new EQ6 users.

Megan McMorris is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. She’s the author of Oregon Hiking (Foghorn Outdoors, 2004), co-author of Pacific Northwest Hiking (Foghorn Outdoors, 2005), and editor of Woman’s Best Friend: Female Writers on the Dogs in Their Lives (Seal Press, 2006), and Cat Women: Female Writers on Their Feline Friends (Seal Press 2007). Her magazine articles have appeared in Runner’s World, Woman’s Day, Glamour, Self, Prevention, and Cooking Light, among others. Read our recent interview with Megan.


Mystery lovers, read on! Over the next year, a tantalizing mystery will unfold in a continuing series posted monthly here on our website. This mystery originally ran on our site 10 years ago. It’s back by popular demand, rewritten for EQ5 and EQ6.


This lesson, in Episode Two, our clever Quilt Detective, Mitzi McDruben tracks down Board Member Garret Green at work in the window-filled Top of the Sixes Restaurant high up in the New York skyline….


This lesson, as Mitzi spies from a nearby coffee shop, her young assistant, Raoul, posing as a bike messenger, interrogates bike shop owner, Bob Balducci. Just what is Balducci’s connection with the missing quilt? Which quilt block can Raoul match Balducci up with? And why on earth is Balducci on the Trade Winds Museum Board anyhow? Read on…


Mitzi, quite the talker herself, meets her match this month while posing as an apartment hunter to investigate realtor and Trade Winds Museum Board Member, Rozzie Rothberg.

Is Rozzie’s chatterbox persona just a cover-up assumed by a clever quilt thief? Does Rozzie suspect Mitzi is more interested in quilt blocks than apartments? Is it safe for Mitzi to be alone in an apartment with Rozzie? Read on…


Hear ye, hear ye! Mitzi intentionally invites a jury duty summons to get close to Trade Winds Museum Board Member, Ellie Englewood, in this episode of our Mystery of the Missing Quilt.

Ellie is passionate about quilts. Did her passion lead to theft? Read on…


An exterminator on the Trade Winds Museum Board? This investigation must be driving Mitzi buggy!

Now she’s actually inviting suspects into her apartment… Read on…


So where’s Mitzi been? What has chocolate to do with quilts? And why on earth are she and Raoul headed for a bridal shower?… Read on…


Mitzi’s all dressed up with one place to go: the posh offices of magazine giant, Contra Nash, Inc. Her assignment? To interview the infamous Rita Rowland.


Are Mitzi and Raoul barking up the wrong tree? Read on as Raoul walks his dogs off trying to get the scoop on suspect Dave Dunbar.


Mitzi poses as a magazine editor to sniff for clues at a perfume company’s press event …


Mitzi and Ruthie get an unwelcome earful from realtor Eli Endberg. But they leave his office wondering just how involved Eli’s mother may be in this whole missing quilt business…


In this exciting concluding episode, Mitzi, Ruthie and Raoul find out that sometimes cases end up right where they first begin…


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Skylights Mystery Quilt – Mystery Quilt Finale!