EQuinox Lessons


Brooklyn gumshoe, Mitzi McDruben, is hired by Juanita Gomez to discover the link between her great grandmother’s secret quilt block and the women of the Williamsburg Sewing Circle.


In which a cat leads Mitzi and Raoul to a quilt clue in the Gonzalez bodega.


Quilt show in a brewery? It’s all in a night’s work for Mitzi and Raoul. Read on to see how they piece together another clue about the Williamsburg Sewing Circle’s mysterious quilt.


In which Mitzi plays Marathon runner, while side-kick Raoul tracks down the clues about the Williamsburg Sewing Circle quilt.


Posing as an apartment-hunter, Mitzi discovers another part of the Williamsburg Sewing Center mystery quilt. But what’s on the back of this quilt fragment? Will we ever know?


Mitzi sees how to separate lights from darks. But the clues from the back of the Williamsburg Sewing Center mystery quilt are still spinning for her and Raoul.


Mitzi finds more clues, but the puzzling answer still seems no closer, as our Mystery gets closer to the end.


Mitzi and Raoul wrap up the case of the Williamsburg Sewing Circle quilt, after receiving a mysterious invitation from Bob Bombardini that can’t be refused.


EQuinox Mystery Quilt – Mystery Quilt Finale!