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A French video from Claire Haillot (www.courtepointeclaire.ca) Find out how to order, download, install and use the block library add-on collections in EQ7.

Finding support for EQ products using our Product Support Wiki. We have answers for installing, activation, linking, error codes, and more!

Find out how to order, download, install and use the block library add-on collections in EQ7.

Learn how to get smooth curves and create symmetrical designs using the Shape tool in PatchDraw of EQ7.

Learn how to setup your block snap points to make EasyDraw easy!

There have been many improvements made to Custom Set in EQ7. Come see all the possibilities for this versatile layout.

Host Pokey Bolton talks with Andrea Bishop, about printing photos on fabric using EQ Printables. Andrea shows 3 different methods of using a fern leaf on fabric. 1) Use a photo as is, 2) scan a leaf on your scanner, 3) draw a leaf, scan it, and edit if desired.

In this video Andrea Bishop gives host, Pokey Bolton an overview of quilting software and some of the capabilities. A few quilts are designed, a few blocks are drawn, and many topics are discussed.

In this video Andrea Bishop shows host, Pokey Bolton, how helpful quilting software can be when it comes to printing patterns. Pieced patterns, appliqué patterns, and foundation pieced patterns are all printed and discussed.

In this episode, host – Pokey Bolton and EQ Staffer – Andrea Bishop, discuss printing on fabric and some ways of using photos printed on fabric. (whole photo, part of photo, sliced photo like a bargello)

Print words or letters onto printable fabric for your next quilt. Host Pokey Bolton and EQ’s Andrea Bishop talk about many ideas of incorporating type into your quilts.

Take the math out of quilting when you use Layout Library quilts and simple blocks. If a block is foundation pieced when it is square, it will be foundation pieceable when it is skewed. Host, Pokey Bolton, and EQer, Andrea Bishop, talk about setting blocks into various star layouts to create complex-looking quilts that are actually easy to sew together. For more tips, visit:http://www.doyoueq.com/blog/?p=240

New York Beauty blocks are spikey and fun. They aren’t difficult to draw when you use a click-and-snap Arc grid. Cloning patches makes the rest of the wedges fill in fast. Once a New York Beauty is drawn, it looks great no matter how you set it – straight set or skewed. In this episode, Patricia Bolton and Andrea Bishop review some New York Beauty…

In this episode, Andrea Bishop and host, Patricia Bolton, see how vintage quilts can provide inspiration for a contemporary quilt. Traditional blocks looks so different when they are skewed. Crazy quilt blocks are a lot of fun in star layouts from the Layout Library, because they form a different quilt every time you rotate them.

Host Patricia “Pokey” Bolton, and EQer, Andrea Bishop take a look at how quilting stencils are created and printed using quilting software. Even the silliest squiggle can become a really fun quilting stencil when you rotate it around.

In this episode, Andrea Bishop proves she can sew! Andrea shows host Pokey Bolton, how easy an extremely complex-looking quilt can be when you foundation piece it. Andrea draws a few kaleidoscope wedges, and shows how to print them.

Turn your flower photos into beautiful appliqués. Andrea Bishop shows host, Pokey Bolton, how easy it can be to trace a photo to capture the “whimsy” of a real flower. Print onto freezer paper or printable fusible web and you’ll be sewing your pieces together in no time!

This technique works for panel quilts as well as whole quilt centers. In this episode Andrea Bishop shows host, Pokey Bolton, how easy it is to plan borders around a quilt panel. Just take a photo, import the photo, set up a 1×1 quilt, and start adding borders/blocks/fabrics around it. Make sure the size of the 1×1 block matches your panel size (minus seam allowance).…

You can create a window-paned effect using sashing when you print your photos larger than your paper size. Andrea Bishop shows Quilting Arts host, Patricia Bolton, how the photos will tile over multiple pages and can be pieced back together to make the sashed image.

In this episode, Andrea Bishop and Quilting Arts host, Pokey Bolton, play with fun, bold fabrics and clean designs using Amy Butler’s fabrics.

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