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On this show, Andrea Bishop shows host, Pokey Bolton, two ideas for manipulating images to print on printable fabric and use on quilts.

Andrea Bishop and Pokey Bolton see how to create a Andy Warhol-esque quilt using a photo and image options. Andrea starts out with a digital photo with a lot of contrast, makes it a halftone image, and then applies different RGB effects to it to create the different colors. The image can be printed out big or small to make the quilt or ribbons of…

In this episode, Pokey Bolton and Andrea Bishop talk about a quick memory quilt idea. Andrea shows how to do some basic color correction and photo manipulation within EQ7 to prepare images for printing on fabric.

In this episode, Quilting Arts host – Pokey Bolton and EQ’s Andrea Bishop see how to create fabric on the computer. Andrea shows how you can scan images and print them onto fabric, draw appliqué designs and print them on fabric, and manipulate images and print those onto fabric. The on-the-go art tote is available as a PDF and the quilt is available as an…

You’ll never run out of EQ7 activations! Activation and deactivation is as easy as two clicks of the mouse. Install on as many computers as you like and quickly transfer activations from computer to computer. This new policy gives you complete freedom to manage your own activations — and no dongle to worry about! Watch this video to see just how easy this is.

Host Pokey Bolton talks with EQ staffer, Andrea Bishop, about printing photos on fabric using EQ Printables. Andrea shows purse and pillow ideas using the technique presented.

Andrea Bishop from The Electric Quilt Company talks with Quilting Arts host, Pokey Bolton, about “Flower Power” and designing your own wreathed flowers to use as applique or quilting stencils in Electric Quilt software.

For this segment in Episode 106 of Quilting Arts, Andrea Bishop shows host Patricia Bolton how easy it is to import a photo and trace it to make custom appliqué patterns for quilts, pillows, and purses.

Andrea Bishop shows host, Pokey Bolton, how to setup scenes with different furniture in Electric Quilt 6 using Angie Padilla’s “My Dream House” add-on to make pillows and quilts. The pieces are then appliquéd or printed in color onto EQ Printable Inkjet Fabric. An option for a “flat” dollhouse is also presented.

In this episode of Quilting Arts, Andrea Bishop shows host, Pokey Bolton, how to make Electric Quilt 6 quilts even more realistic-looking by adding scans or pictures of real embellishments. The key is using GIF and PNG files which allow for “invisible backgrounds” and setting those imported photos on Layer 2 above the design. Examples used during this episode are from the software Sue Spargo:…

Andrea Bishop and host Patricia Bolton look at how EasyDraw™ in Electric Quilt 6 software is great for making pieced patterns. Drawing random lines and curves in a block makes a quick pattern you can follow for an abstract quilt. This was Andrea’s first attempt ever at sewing curved piecing and it went together really fast using EQ6′s templates!

In this episode Andrea Bishop shows host Patricia Bolton her ideas for mixing techniques using EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric and EQ Printables Foundation Sheets. By printing on the fabric, you can sew pictures of artwork or family into quilts. By printing on the foundation sheets, you can create translucent fabric overlays as embellishment.

In this episode Andrea Bishop shows host Patricia Bolton her ideas for Journal Quilting. It is easy it is to do Journal Quilting if youre printing on fabric. Not only will you be quilting, but you will be creating a scrapbook-like photo album at the same time. Its time to get those photos off your digital camera and onto fabric!

In this episode of Quilting Arts, Andrea Bishop shows host Pokey Bolton a way to simplify the quilt design process when one block is repeated throughout the entire quilt. Rather than spread the blocks across the living room floor and scramble to change them each time, set the blocks into your quilt design software and make changes instantly with a click. Make it more contemporary…

See how quick and easy it is to scan your own fabric and use it in your quilt design!

Set blocks in your quilt layout by dragging them from the palette and dropping them on your quilt. They snap into place using the Custom Set Grid. Sort your blocks palette by dragging the blocks in the palette to rearrange.

Use the Serendipity feature to create new blocks without actually drawing them! It’s so easy! Instantly create beautiful kaleidoscopes and fancy stars. Merge two blocks together, or simply tilt your block at any angle.

Use your photos to create beautiful kaleidoscope-like symmetries to use in your quilt or craft project. You’ll be amazed by the results you get! Have fun playing around with different photos and petal styles.

The Eyedropper tool is now more than just a fabric finder! Use this tool to find fabrics and colors used in your quilt. Click inside a photo to find a fabric that matches the photo. And best yet, click on a block in your quilt — the eyedropper will find the block for your in the palette!

Print multiple pages at once using the Photo Layout feature in EQ7. You can resize, rotate and flip your photos to best fit them on your page. Try tiling a photo across the entire page to create your own fabric design!

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