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Planted with Love Challenge – Winner Announced!

Have you seen the beautiful entries submitted to the Planted with Love challenge?! (See them in the original post here.) Thanks to everyone for participating! Winners Two winners were chosen by Cherry Guidry, the fabric designer herself, and Benartex! Claire K:     Claire’s submission: When I saw the fabrics I thought of Barns and Spring.     Jo Moury:     Jo’s…

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Design & Discover – Braid Blocks and Quilts

This month we will be learning how to draw two different braid blocks. The lesson also covers some EasyDraw drawing basics. Let’s get started! Click Design a block from scratch Click Pieced Click EasyDraw In the Precision Bar set the following: Block Width: 6 Block Height: 6 Snaps Horizontal: 12 Snaps Vertical: 12 Graph Paper Cells: on Graph Paper Horizontal:…

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