Benni Harper Mystery

We’re proud to join with award winning mystery writer, Earlene Fowler, author of the popular Benni Harper mysteries, to present a series of EQ quilt design lessons based on Earlene’s quilt-related book titles. Read about the book. Then do the lesson, designing the quilt in EQ.


When new widow Benni Harper finds the body of a murdered artist, she must deal with the stony-faced Police Chief, Gabe Ortiz, as well as come to terms with the shocking facts of her husband’s death. Earlene’s first novel was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Mystery of 1994.


Benni becomes involved in two things that Gabe warns her to stay away from: the investigation of the murders of two senior citizens at the local retirement home and a cowboy she had a crush on when she was 17.


Benni and Gabe visit his hometown in Kansas where she befriends Tyler Brown, a former Amish wife turned aspiring country singer. When Tyler is murdered, Benni starts investigating and tensions flare between her and Gabe.

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Who killed Mother Goose? Benni happens upon the body of the library’s storyteller dressed in a Mother Goose costume. Benni sets out to solve the murder as Gabe tries to stop one –because his surf-bum son is back in town and is driving everyone crazy!


The body of a young photography student is discovered on the Ramsey ranch the day after the annual day-after-Thanksgiving barbecue and cattle roundup. With only 200 or so suspects, Benni tries to piece together a complicated patchwork of motives that marks someone close to her as a murder suspect.


Benni first heard of Jacob Chandler after he died and left her everything he owned. The only stipulation was that Benni had to stay in the house alone for two weeks. Now she’s following his scavenger-hunt set of clues trying to discover if he is her guardian angel or personal demon. 1999 Winner of Malice Domestic’s Agatha Award.


Gabe’s son, Sam, plans to marry into one of the wealthiest and most influential families in San Celina, bringing Gabe’s gorgeous ex-wife to town. Benni is drawn into a society mystery when one of Sam’s esteemed future in-laws is murdered. In this seventh book in the series, Benni investigates a brutal crime that hits perilously close to home…


Welcome home, Benni Harper… Benni has heard those words so many times since she and her best friend, Elvia, arrived in Sugartree that she’s nearly lost count. She’s thrilled to be back–she’s finally got the chance to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the lazy, languid summers of her childhood. And, she can’t wait to spend time with Elvia– who’s this close to getting engaged to Benni’s cousin Emory. But she’s got a bad feeling she just can’t shake…


Ninth in the Agatha Award-winning series that’s been hailed as "engrossing" (Publishers Weekly), Steps to the Altar finds folk art expert Benni Harper digging up clues to an unsolved murder — and struggling with a very personal crisis of the heart…


One of Benni’s favorite mystery writers, Emma Baldwin, is coming to San Celina. Luke, a friend of her husband is also in town, but when he’s found murdered soon after his arrival, Benni’s visit with her mystery writer is overshadowed by a real-life mystery. With all that is going on in Benni’s life right now, things are pretty chaotic. And it’s a lot more shadow than sunshine…


Benni and her family decide to help some friends running a failing dude ranch, but the west gets a little too wild when one of the ranch dogs discovers a human bone on the property. It’s enough to scare any reasonable guest away. Now, Benni must keep the guests safe and happy while unearthing the truth behind a terrible crime…


When the musical director of Benni Harper’s church is called away, Benni finds herself "volunteered" to take over a children’s play already in rehearsal. But the production comes to a screeching halt when Benni discovers the badly beaten body of the church handyman right in front of the altar.