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EQ8 Block Spotlight: Snowy Pine

Posted 12-10-2023 by Jenny | Posted in: EQ8 Block Spotlight

Welcome to the EQ8 Block Spotlight! Each month we highlight a block from the EQ8 Block Library with a few design ideas. Then we want you to show us what you can do with the block.

Whether you’re a brand new EQ8 user or a seasoned pro, come join in the fun!

This month’s block: Snowy Pine

Where to find it: 02 Contemporary Pieced > Trees

Design ideas to get you started

I had to use December for the opportunity to design one last Christmas quilt this year! This is a 4×4 horizontal layout and I used the Symmetry tool to find this arrangement of blocks.

I drew my own snowflake motif to use in the wide border. It’s a simple version of the snowflakes I made in this lesson: Making Snowflakes with EQ8′s WreathMaker

I went with a modern, moody look for my second quilt. Again, this is a 4×4 horizontal layout. I edited the Snowy Pines block on the Block Worktable to add a seam down the center. Then I deleted all the little half-rectangle triangles in one half of the tree.

The fabrics are from the Urban Vibes collection from Northcott Studio. Northcott makes it really easy to download fabric images from their website (see more info on our Support site).

What would you design with the Snowy Pine block? Post a quilt or two in the comments below. It can be as simple or as complex as you’d like (it just has to use the featured block!).

Export an Image of your Quilt

  1. On the Quilt Worktable, click the PRINT & EXPORT tab.
  2. Click Export in the ribbon.
  3. In the palette on the left, click Image.
  4. Type a name for your image and click the Save button. (Make sure you know where you’re saving the image on your computer. We recommend saving to your My EQ8 > Images folder.)

In the comment form below, tell us a little bit about your design and then click Browse to include the image of your quilt.

Vote on Your Favorite Color Scheme!

Posted 12-08-2023 by Heidi | Posted in: Just Because More for EQers

We’re planning a new fun, year-long blog series next year, but for now, the details are a secret. However, we’re letting YOU choose the color scheme for the event! Add your vote to the comments below and we’ll let you know which one wins (and the rest of the details) later this month!        

Rooville – Winners Announced!

Posted 12-06-2023 by Olivia | Posted in: Congratulations

We loved seeing the colorful entries come in for the Rooville challenge! Check out the beautiful entries we received here. Thanks to all who participated! Winners Two winners were selected by fabric designer Kimberly Einmo and the Benartex team! Congratulations to…. Winner 1 (Kimberly’s Pick): Amanda Riddle Winner 2 (Benartex’s Pick): Marlu Allan Honorable Mentions Don’t forget to look at all the amazing submissions to this challenge. Here are a few honorable mentions! More Chances to Win Vintage by Sweetwater for Moda is December’s Fabric of the Month! Download the collection and enter in our design challenge for another chance to win some fabric!

EQ Design Challenge & Giveaway – Vintage

Posted 12-01-2023 by Olivia | Posted in: Contests

Happy Holidays! 2023 may be almost over, but don’t worry, we still have one more treat in store! December’s Fabric of the Month is Vintage by Sweetwater for Moda. “It’s been fourteen years and over fifty collections since we debuted our first fabric designs with Moda. That’s a lot of fabric! We decided to celebrate by choosing some of our favorites from the past and combining them in a new collection. We had a little help from our followers as we posted some past designs and held a vote on favorites. We couldn’t include everything, but Vintage definitely represents some of our most favorite designs from the past fourteen years. The colors are also classic Sweetwater. We couldn’t be more excited about this collection!” – Sweetwater Team A bundle of these fabrics will be given away to one lucky winner! Submit your EQ design featuring Vintage below…all instructions and contest details are in this post.

Design & Discover – Sashing without Cornerstones!

Posted 12-01-2023 by Heidi | Posted in: Design & Discover

In this lesson we’ll be learning about sashing without cornerstones but, also be sure to check out these other posts about designing with sashing.  Design & Discover – Sashing! – learn how to design these quilts and some basics (and beyond) about sashing.   Design & Discover – Using Blocks in the Sashing! – this lesson explains how to use blocks in the sashing to create designs. But let’s get started with designing quilts with sashing and no cornerstones. The easiest and quickest way is to use quilts from the Layout Library. Click Libraries > Layout Libraries Click Layouts by Style > Sashing Take a look at all the options and select one Click Edit to Quilt Worktable If you click the LAYOUT tab you’ll see a “blank” quilt. This is because technically this is a Custom Set quilt. That means if you would like to resize the quilt you

Lessons with Yvonne–November 19,2023

Posted 11-19-2023 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

I need a Zen moment.  Life is going so fast!  Back to school, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas planning all get jumbled together and come so fast!  I turn to my EQ to play a little and give my busy mind a rest.  How about you?  Do you use your EQ to unwind?  Zen to me means repeating patterns that intersect to create new patterns that I can choose to print, stitch, or deconstruct into pieces to meld together with other pieces.  I do love my stitches, so I tend to create in EQ and see how I can add stitches to my quilting to create that Zen feel. Open your EQ8 program then create a new project and name it ‘ZEN WITH EQ8′.   In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the block worktable icon to begin your design process.  The default setting in EQ

EQ8 Block Spotlight: Rick-Rack Star

Posted 11-10-2023 by Jenny | Posted in: EQ8 Block Spotlight

Welcome to the EQ8 Block Spotlight! Each month we highlight a block from the EQ8 Block Library with a few design ideas. Then we want you to show us what you can do with the block. Whether you’re a brand new EQ8 user or a seasoned pro, come join in the fun! This month’s block: Rick-Rack Star Where to find it: 01 Classic Pieced > Eight-Pointed Stars Design ideas to get you started This block looked like the perfect centerpiece for a medallion quilt to me. This is a 1 x 1 horizontal layout surrounded by 11 borders of different styles and sizes. The fabrics are from the Flirtation collection by Zen Chic for Moda. ‘Tis the season! I love holiday quilts, so I couldn’t help but design another Christmas quilt this month. The featured block is used in the four center block spaces of this on-point layout. I removed

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