EQ is making a quilt! We’ve added some new employees recently, so we wanted to make sure everyone knows how to sew and quilt. Each month, we’re featuring one staff member and their block in the quilt. (Perfect since we have 12 staff members!) If you’d like to sew along and get more details about the project, check them out here.

This month we’re featuring Linda!

Linda does a lot of different things related to serving our customers. From assembling and shipping our products to EQ customers, quilt shops, and distributors, to problem solving over the phone, through emails, or live chat. She says she likes working here because, “Each day (of my 14 years here) has been different! I enjoy the people. Both my coworkers and our customers!


Linda is a quilter! She says, “My mom taught me to sew as a young girl, starting with easy to sew garments for myself and stuffed animals. Then I did a lot of sewing of home furnishings for my own home and also commercially. Sewing for my children was a highlight. Christmas and Easter dresses and then even high school choral performance gowns. Now it’s so special to see my granddaughters wearing the holiday dresses and knowing my daughters still find them adorable enough to dress their daughters in!” In the photos below you can see Linda’s daughters in the dresses Linda made (left) and her grandchildren on the right with her granddaughters in the same dresses!

“In using EQ, the design process is so far above any type of quilt design and fabric yardage estimating I would have done before. The ability to switch colors to try out different colorways in my projects is fantastic and the ease of printing patterns was a game changer for me. I’m not sure I would have jumped into foundation pieced projects without EQ.”


Here is Linda’s quilt, Merry Mike-mas, (which was a gift for her husband, Mike!) and we posted about when she made it in 2018.

Linda also made this beauty! She says, “I wanted to try my hand at EPP and thought that the Rose Star block was different than anything I had done and was so pretty. I would sew the blocks while traveling, taking bits and pieces of scrap fabrics with me. It was a project that I didn’t have to think about. Just have fun and sew.”

Here’s Linda’s Catnipped quilt, along with its adorable label (printed on EQ Printables, of course).



For our Sew-Along Linda chose the Cross and Crown block. She printed out templates to use to cut the fabric patches and then used the Foundation printout for paper piecing the block. Linda says, “Using the pattern printouts from EQ made it a snap! And I could relax and sew at work, which was a treat! Printing the templates to pre-cut fabric for paper piecing made it a much easier process than guessing if I had cut the fabric at the right size and shape.


Every month we’re also asking a random icebreaker question, just for fun. Linda’s question was, What’s one family tradition you want to pass down to your kids?

One of my favorite family traditions is taking the grandkids birthday shopping and out for lunch. So fun to spend one-on-one time with each of them! I hope my children will have this same rewarding opportunity with their own grands!







So that’s six blocks, six months, and six employees done!

Stay tuned for our next post on July 15th. We’ll feature another staff member and block!