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Design & Discover – Drawing Applique Blocks!

Posted 09-01-2019 by Heidi | Posted in: Design & Discover

Let’s get to know the basics of drawing an applique block! Before getting started it’s important to understand how the Snap Points work and how they will effect your drawing. It would also be helpful to see what everything on the Precision Bar does and see all the options. When the Pick tool is selected you will see these options. They are pretty self explanatory (except for maybe the WreathMaker). But, notice everything that is available. When the Edit tool is selected you will see these options. Here is more information on what they all do. Drawing Lines Click NEW BLOCK > Applique > Block Note: ○ If you want to draw an applique block, EQ8 gives you two choices: Block or Motif. With the addition of the StencilMaker for a Motif, the tools and techniques are the same in both styles. The only, but big, difference is Block has

EQ Printables Project Feature: Model Ships

Posted 08-22-2019 by Jenny | Posted in: From Our Users Just Because Look What I Did

You all know that quilting is our first love here at Electric Quilt. But when we saw how Shaun from San Jose, California is using our EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets, we couldn’t help but share his projects with you! Shaun makes amazing model ships and uses EQ Printables for the sails. Here’s what Shaun says about his process: “I used to buy oil painting canvas and Goodwill shirts to use for my sails, but they just don’t look right. Having the option to design graphics on the sail is a huge plus. The other huge plus [of using EQ Printables] is the plastic backing which can keep the sails stiff, flat and smooth so I can add leech lines (the rope wraps around the entire sail). Once I’m done with all the things I need to do before rigging, I can remove the plastic backing without getting the sails

EQ8 Block Spotlight: Flowering Snowball

Posted 08-10-2019 by Jenny | Posted in: EQ8 Block Spotlight

Welcome to the EQ8 Block Spotlight series! Each month we highlight a block from the EQ8 Block Library with a few design ideas. Then we want YOU to show us what you can do with the block. Let’s get creative! This month’s block: Flowering Snowball Where to find it: 01 Classic Pieced > Orange Peels A few design ideas to get you started My first quilt uses an on-point layout. It alternates the original Flowering Snowball block with a variation I created with flying geese in the diagonals. Below is the original block (left) and the flying geese variation (right). The second quilt uses a vertical strip quilt layout. I drew a simple rectangular block with a triangle patch to set next to the snowball blocks. What would you design with the Flowering Snowball block? Post a quilt or two in the comments below. It can be as simple or

Q&A with Tiffany Hayes

Posted 08-09-2019 by Diane | Posted in: Q&A

Tiffany Hayes is an EQ8 user who has managed to combine a few of her loves; quilting, traveling, and being with her hubby! I’m jumping ahead, so let’s backtrack and learn a little more about Tiffany. EQ: Hi Tiffany and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us! Tell us about yourself. Tiffany: Hi! I live in Lancaster, CA – that’s out in the Mojave Desert. I have been married for 32 years to Scott. We have 3 grown kids who are all married and living both close and far from us. We have 2 grandsons as well. Scott and I love to travel and enjoy spending time together. Sounds kinda like a fairy tale, but it gets even better. Scott digitizes (my) quilt designs and then quilts them up! EQ: Wow, that is pretty great! How did you get into quilting? Tiffany:

Icicle Challenge – Winners Announced!

Posted 08-02-2019 by Christine | Posted in: Congratulations Contests

The quilts designed for this challenge were SO neat! Even though everyone used the same fabric collection, the quilts were all so unique! (See all entries in the original post here.) Thanks to everyone for participating! Winners Two winners were chosen at random and here they are…… Pat A and Nancy Gormezano! Both winners will each receive an Icicle Stack and a FQ bundle of the Icicle fabric collection! Again, you can see all the fabulous entries in the original blog post. Thanks again to all participants and to Island Batik for providing the giveaway!

Back to School Projects

Posted 08-01-2019 by Jenny | Posted in: Downloads EQ8

The new school year is right around the corner. Here’s a round up of our favorite Back to School-inspired projects! Please note: You must have EQ8, EQ7, or EQ Mini software to use these project downloads. Awesome Academics Click here to download the project file for Awesome Academics. Back to School Click here to download the project file for Back to School. Welcome Back Click here to download the project file for Welcome Back. Schoolhouse Quilt Click here to download the project file for Schoolhouse Quilt. Outstanding Orchard Click here to download the project file for Outstanding Orchard.

Design & Discover – PolyDraw!

Posted 08-01-2019 by Heidi | Posted in: Design & Discover

In PolyDraw, you construct the block by drawing closed patches (unlike EasyDraw where you draw straight or curved lines and the software creates the patches for you). You must start and stop at the same point to finish a patch. Double-clicking at the start/stop point will close the patch and release the tool from the worktable. The patches you can draw are determined by the grid and snap points you select. This type of drawing can be a lot of fun because there are special grids that make designing easier. There are six grid options. Here are some things to note before we get started: All lines or arcs must start and stop at the same point (after you’ve clicked other points). Although adjacent patches will share edge lines, they will be drawn twice, once for each patch. You should not draw patches that overlap. Which grid you choose will determine

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