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EQ Academy Fall 2018 Recap

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EQAcademy classes

Once again, we only have great things to say about our EQ Academy workshop. :-D

This was our first time hosting a fall workshop in Ohio, and we did so at the request of the students who came in the Spring. We had 61 students in total and what a fun bunch they were! The Getting Started classes were maxed out and, boy, did those students learn A LOT! It’s always exciting to see how much the beginner students improve during the time they’re here.

The intermediate classes got to dive into extensive block design and custom quilts which is always fascinating. And the rest of the classes focused on specific things, like importing fabrics and drawing custom blocks and creating modern designs. Our students are SO creative and we love to see that shine through during class.

As always, we saw some familiar faces and met lots of new EQ users too. We really enjoy seeing EQ Academy “alumni” and meeting new students.

We hope that the fall students return in the Spring to learn even more about their EQ8! We’ll have beginner classes as always, and some fun, intermediate ones as well. Feel free to leave comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in coming to EQ Academy, sign up for our Special Offers e-mail list to be notified of enrollment. Spring EQ Academy is scheduled for early April, 2019. More details to come!

A huge thank you to the companies who sent items for the welcome bags! The students went home with awesome goodies!






Here are some photos from the event:

COMING SOON: New Book for EQ8 Users!

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EQ8 users get excited! If you liked our first design book for EQ8 (EQ8 Designing Quilts) you’ll LOVE this new design book, EQ8 Designing More Quilts! Watch for it in early September at or ask for it at your local quilt shops! Just like the first book, this new book has 8 different authors who each wrote a chapter about a unique type of quilt design. Chapter topics and authors: Chapter 1 by Nancy Mahoney Medallion QUILTS! Learn border tricks used to design striking medallion quilts. Chapter 2 by Reeze Hanson Applique QUILTS! Trace a picture of a tile to create an applique block. Designing this quilt is a lot easier than it looks! Chapter 3 by Lori Miller Modern QUILTS! Use alternate gridwork to create eye-catching modern quilts. Chapter 4 by Barb Vlack Optical Illusion QUILTS! Can you believe that a mathematical formula inspired this quilt? Chapter 5

Free update for EQ8

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Attn EQ8 owners: An updated version of EQ8 is yours — free! First of all… did you know that you can share your EQ8 designs directly to Facebook?! It’s so easy! Recently, however, Facebook required that we change the way the Share to Facebook feature works in EQ8. This change actually offers more options for your Facebook posts, as well as great quality images of your quilts. Update your EQ8 now: Due to Facebook’s change, your current version of EQ8 will not allow you to use the Share to Facebook feature. You’ll need to update your EQ8 if you’d like to use this feature. As an owner of EQ8, you can update to the newest version ( for Windows / for Mac) for free. To download and install the update, make sure you’ve got a good internet connection and follow instructions carefully on our EQ8 Updates page. If you

Quilt Design Challenge with Christa Watson

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CHALLENGE CLOSED! WOW! We are SO impressed with all the entries… EQ users are SO talented. Thank  you to all the participants! Freebies from Christa Free pattern Christa’s “Beaded Lanterns” pattern (colored with Fandangle fabrics) is FREE for you! Click here to download the PDF. Free EQ8 project Since Christa designed “Beaded Lanterns” in EQ8, she’s also giving you the EQ8 project download so you can open it and play! Click here to download the EQ8 project. Find Fandangle Christa also included a list of shops that are carrying Fandangle just in case any of you want to find it! The list is on Christa’s blog here. On to the Winners! I think this was our toughest challenge to pick winners! Somehow, we narrowed down our favorites and here they are….. Overall Winner: Betsy EQ Honorable Mention: Janet B. Christa’s Honorable Mention: Mel B. The three winners will receive the

EQ Academy – Fall 2018!

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Fall EQ Academy! EQ8 classes for all skill levels! September 6-8 in Perrysburg, Ohio Enrollment opens Wednesday, June 6 at 10am Eastern Time. View all the details >> Below are the classes being offered at the fall session of EQ Academy. Click on a class to view more information.                                                       We’re so excited for our Fall EQ Academy and hope to see you there! If you have any questions, contact us! Read about our Spring EQ Academy here.

EQ Academy Recap — Spring 2018

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Scroll down to see some photos!   What a fun three days! This year’s EQ Academy was a little different from our workshops in the past. For one, it was classes for EQ8 instead of EQ7! Many students mentioned how much they love the improvements and new features in EQ8, and it was nice to see the beginners catch on so quickly. Another difference was that the classes were categorized by topic instead of just skill level. Instead of being in the same class for three days, students could pick and choose what they wanted to learn during enrollment. Some students just came for one day and took 1 or 2 classes about designing medallion quilts or drawing pieced blocks, and others stayed for three days and took 5 or 6 classes on all sorts of things! We saw some familiar faces and met lots of new EQ users too.

EQ8 Top 10: #7 Open library from palette and edit a block to the worktable

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our top 10 favorite features in EQ8. Subscribe to this blog and follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram with #EQ8Top10) to see all 10! See the complete list of features on our website. #7 – Open library from palette and edit a block to the worktable These features are game changers and will save you so much time! Now you can access the libraries RIGHT FROM THE PALETTE using this nifty button: You’ll find this button in the Block Worktable, Quilt Worktable and the Image Worktable.  Easily add blocks, fabrics, threads, photos and embroidery from the libraries directly to your palettes! While you’re in the Block, Layout and Photo Library, you’ll notice a new button called Edit to Worktable. This button will automatically open the selected block, layout or photo directly to its worktable! You can also edit a block