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Design & Discover – PolyDraw!

Posted 08-01-2019 by Heidi | Posted in: Design & Discover

In PolyDraw, you construct the block by drawing closed patches (unlike EasyDraw where you draw straight or curved lines and the software creates the patches for you). You must start and stop at the same point to finish a patch. Double-clicking at the start/stop point will close the patch and release the tool from the worktable. The patches you can draw are determined by the grid and snap points you select. This type of drawing can be a lot of fun because there are special grids that make designing easier. There are six grid options. Here are some things to note before we get started: All lines or arcs must start and stop at the same point (after you’ve clicked other points). Although adjacent patches will share edge lines, they will be drawn twice, once for each patch. You should not draw patches that overlap. Which grid you choose will determine


Posted 07-21-2019 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

When teaching classes, I often design my pattern and notes in gray scale.   If I use color, the students like to reproduce my work and make theirs exactly as I have done.  If I create in gray scale, the students seem to feel more free to use their own fabrics in their own favorite colors.  EXAMPLE–Show a child’s quilt in blues and they automatically assume it is for a boy.  If they wanted a quilt for a girl, they dismiss attending the class based on the picture of the blue child quilt.  So designing in gray tones and suggesting coloration options often works out better.  The students become more individual and creative without further influence from myself.  I love the value of  unique  creative expression. Open your EQ program. Click on the quilt worktable icon at the upper right side of the screen. Before we begin our quilt layout we

Book Sale!

Posted 07-15-2019 by Heidi | Posted in: Just Because

All of our EQ8 books are 20% off! Use code: BOOKSALE to save! Sale ends 7/16/19 The EQ8 Lessons for Beginners is the best book for going step-by-step through lessons to learn the ins and outs of the program. The first chapter covers all 3 worktables, and Chapters 2 and 3 get more into different features of the quilt designing and block drawing. Chapter 4 is full of some fun, popular topics in EQ. The book is only 128 pages, so it’s easy to go through, and a great way to get started. The EQ8 Block Library book is simply a catalog of the block designs included in the EQ8 library. This is not a lesson book for learning the software. The EQ8 Designing Quilts book is a compilation of several chapters written by EQ8 experts. Each chapter features a different quilt design. While the book teaches you to design

EQ8 Block Spotlight: Sun Compass – 4 Points

Posted 07-10-2019 by Jenny | Posted in: EQ8 Block Spotlight

Welcome to the EQ8 Block Spotlight series! Each month we highlight a block from the EQ8 Block Library with a few design ideas. Then we want YOU to show us what you can do with the block. Let’s get creative! This month’s block: Sun Compass – 4 Points Where to find it: 03 Foundation Pieced > Sun Compasses A few design ideas to get you started This first quilt uses a simple 6 x 6 horizontal layout and I had some fun with the Rotate tool! I started with a layout from the library for this quilt. It’s Hexagonal – 1 from the Layouts by Style > Hexagonal section. This layout is rectangular, and I wanted my quilt to be more square, so I added borders to just the top and bottom of the layout. I also made a simplified version of the featured block by deleting all the compass

EQ Design Challenge & Giveaway – Icicle

Posted 07-01-2019 by Christine | Posted in: Contests

This challenge is closed. Winners announced here. We’re back with another EQ Design Challenge & Giveaway with a new collection from Island Batik! This Signature Collection is called Icicle by Kathy Engle for Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis. Here are the fabrics: EQ Design Challenge & Giveaway Design a quilt in EQ using fabrics from Icicle, a Signature Collection designed by Kathy Engle from Island Batik for Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis. You could win some fabulous Island Batik precuts! To Enter Design a quilt in EQ using the Island Batik Icicle fabrics and submit an image of it by July 31, 2019. (Instructions for how to submit an image are at the bottom of this post.) Download the free Icicle fabrics for EQ here Rules Your EQ quilt must use fabrics from the Icicle collection. If desired, you may use up to 3 other fabrics from the Island Batik collections in the Manufacturer

Design & Discover – Row by Rows!

Posted 07-01-2019 by Heidi | Posted in: Design & Discover

The Row by Row Experience® began in 2011 with 20 quilt shops across New York State. Since then thousands more stores in the US, Canada and Europe have joined the fun. Travelers collect row patterns, then create stunning quilts with those rows … and no two are alike! The idea is to travel, shop and collect patterns.  Then combine your rows to form your quilt! Row by Row Taste the Experience started June 21, 2019 and the collecting ends September 3, 2019. Here is more information. There are four different sizes you may receive from quilt stores. You will likely get a variation of all these sizes. How do you make them all fit together? With EQ8, of course! Follow along with the lesson and create a quilt to submit right on our blog. If you have a blog, make sure to add your site too. Let’s visit each others’


Posted 06-28-2019 by Heidi | Posted in: Just Because More for EQers

BlockBase is the CD-ROM version of Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns and it’s jam packed with over 4300 block patterns. And the best part is you can print the patterns for these blocks at any size you want! BlockBase also includes a wealth of historical information for each block. You may find that the beautiful modern block you saw on a blog recently was actually first published in the 1930’s! As the saying goes, “Everything old is new again,” and quilting is no exception! You can use BlockBase on its own….   Or, link it right to your EQ and use the BlockBase blocks just like you would other EQ blocks!   You can watch a video to find out more about BlockBase! BlockBase is also on sale! Today (6/28/19)  only! Use code BLOCKBASE30 to save!

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