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As a quilter and machine embroidery individual, I learned very quickly that I could do so much more with my computerized machines if I knew how to use the computer and all the different programs that support our quilt designing and machine embroidery designing. I had already retired from my career as a dental hygienist of 40 years to now become even busier with my career of teaching sewing and all the related topics.

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Our quilts are often about color.  Sometimes it is the design itself that is the focus, but the eye sees color before it sees patterns.  I love designs that have a bit of a dimensional look and are quickly created with color.

Launch your EQ8 project to start.  

On the opening screen, click on the little piece of paper with the green starburst on it on the upper left side of the screen.  This is the new project icon.

In the project sketchbook, name your project ‘Quick Coloring for Maximum Effect’.

Click on the quilt worktable icon on the upper right side of the screen.

Choose NEW QUILT>One Patch from the ribbon at the top of the screen.

The default for the program is to open to the Hexagon one patch layout.

Click on the Layout tab at the top of the screen.  In the drop-down menu, select the rectangle option.

On the rectangle layout, the default size is 2 inches.  This works perfectly if you want to use a jellyroll for your design.  The 2.5-inch jelly roll strips would save a lot of cutting time.  Keep the layout properties just as they are for now.

Click on the Design Tab at the top of the screen and select the Fabric tools from the ribbon.  Click on the spray can icon and then select a light color for the background.  Move the cursor over to the worktable and while holding down the control key (CTRL) on the keyboard, click once to fill alternating block spaces.  You will need to click on more than one row to color all the alternating blocks.  Choose a second light color and repeat the process to finish coloring all the alternating blocks with light colors.

Click on the paintbrush tool icon to select it.  Click on colors of your choice for your border strips.  Click onto each of the borders to apply the colors. Choose a different color for each of the border strips.

Still using the paintbrush tool, select the rectangle brush icon from the brush types selections.

Click on a bold color fabric for your rectangle.   Move the cursor over to the worktable and click/hold/drag/release a rectangle that covers 6 squares across and 6 squares down.

Repeat this process using different colors of fabric and have the rectangles overlap so there is a corner background block showing in the overlap designs.

To create an over/under feel for the square links, click back on the one dot paintbrush tool and then click on the color of the squares in one intersection point to create a ‘linked look’ for the squares.

To get a better view of the linked squares on the quilt layout without the drawing lines, click on the ‘show/hide patch lines’ icon on the far left side of the screen.  This is a toggle switch that can be turned on or off at any time.

Add your design to the sketchbook. 

By choosing a different type of paintbrush tool property, you can quickly create a quilt with dimension and precision coloring patches.  Try this design with various sizes of rectangles floating across the top of the quilt layout for another variation.

EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne-Create Your Quilt Stencil to Match Your Block

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Once you create a block and quilt layout, the next step is to quilt the layout.  Sometimes you have no idea what would look good for a quilting stitch.  EQ8 can help us decide how to quilt a design by matching a block layout pattern with a quilt stencil. EQ has loads of stencils built into the library but they may not match exactly what you have designed for a quilt block.  You can use your block drawing as a start for creating the stencil. Open your EQ8 by double-clicking onto the logo on the desktop.  When the program opens name a new project file “PRACTICE STENCILS”. Click on the block worktable icon and select NEW BLOCK>Pieced>EasyDraw for the block worktable. On the properties bar for the block worktable, use the default size of 6 x 6 inches and snaps at 12 x 12. Click on the grid tool to

EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne-Fabric Choices Make A Difference

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The month of May makes me think of Spring flowers and Mother’s Day.  There are some wonderful applique designs built into EQ8 that host a variety of flower shapes in one applique block.  This one block can look so totally different depending on the fabric choices used.  You can try out different fabrics in your designs to see what gives the best overall feel for the quilt block before you even begin shopping for the fabrics or before you begin cutting the fabrics already in your stash. Launch your EQ8 program and name the project May Flowers. Click on the OK at the bottom of the project helper box. At the top of the screen, click on LIBRARIES>Block Library. In the block libraries box, click on the word ‘search>by notecard’. In the search block notecard box, type in the word ‘mother’ and then click on the ‘search at the bottom of

EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne – Using SVG Files from BlockBase+

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The newest software release from Electric Quilt is here!  Block Base+ is the newest software that is a companion to the Block Base book.  Some of you may have the original Block Base CD that was released several years ago, but the new updated Block Base+ is fantastic.  It is so versatile with all the things you can do with it. The greatest new feature for the Block Base + program is that you can select a block and set the size you want and then export it as a .svg file.  This is very exciting because of all the cutting machines on the market today.  You can send your .svg file to your cutting machine and cut all the pieces needed for your block construction.  This saves a lot of time.  We can not save an image as a .svg file in EQ8, so having the ability to do

EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne-Treat Yourself

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2020 was a challenging year.  Start 2021 by treating yourself.  I turn to my sewing room for inspiration and it provides me with a calming retreat area in my own home.  It starts with my favorite inspiration tool–EQ8.  Browsing the huge built-in libraries for blocks and layouts gives me just the right space to start experimenting with new design ideas I had not tried before. I like to start my process by looking through the block library in EQ8.  I also have many add-on libraries that the EQ company has provided us with to add to the already massive library of blocks in the program.  I simply scroll through the library and look at the blocks and choose one that I have not tried before. Open your EQ8 program    and start a new project called ‘Treat Yourself in 2021′. I can look at the blocks by category or by construction method. 

Lessons with Yvonne – Use Your Birthstone Color to Create a Quilt

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My birthday is in November.  The birthstone for that month is Topaz.  This is a yellow/orange color.  I don’t like that color at all.  But, as a challenge to myself, I will make a monochromatic block using that color.  I find it is good to challenge myself in all kinds of ways as this is when I grow the most and learn all kinds of discoveries. I once made a quilt in browns and oranges that I don’t care for either, but it is now one of my favorite quilts.  Surprise! Open your EQ8 and name your project ‘birthstone designs’. Click on the block worktable icon on the upper right side of the screen. Click on NEW BLOCK>Pieced>Easy Draw. Set the block size to be an 8 x 8-inch block with 24 snaps horizontal and vertical. I don’t care for the colors I am using so I will create areas

Design and Sew Along 3 – Lesson Six

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Welcome to  DESIGN AND SEW ALONG 3- LESSON SIX Lessons with Yvonne.  I hope you have enjoyed the first five lessons of this series.  In this final lesson, we will work with the quilt layout worktable to bring our lesson block designs together to create quilt design options. The name of this class is DESIGN AND SEW ALONG.  I do hope you are stitching some of the designs we have created in our EQ8 program.  I would love to see some of the designs that are sewn. Remember to watch the video at the end of the blog to start with to familiarize yourself with the steps we will be taking during these class written lessons.  A picture is worth a thousand words and visual learning is helpful for any of the classes. Remember to save an image of your favorite quilt from this class to post to the EQ blog page in the comment