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EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne-Treat Yoursself

Posted 01-17-2021 by | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

2020 was a challenging year.  Start 2021 by treating yourself.  I turn to my sewing room for inspiration and it provides me with a calming retreat area in my own home.  It starts with my favorite inspiration tool–EQ8.  Browsing the huge built-in libraries for blocks and layouts gives me just the right space to start experimenting with new design ideas I had not tried before. I like to start my process by looking through the block library in EQ8.  I also have many add-on libraries that the EQ company has provided us with to add to the already massive library of blocks in the program.  I simply scroll through the library and look at the blocks and choose one that I have not tried before. Open your EQ8 program    and start a new project called ‘Treat Yourself in 2021′. I can look at the blocks by category or by construction method. 

Making Snowflakes with EQ8’s WreathMaker

Posted 11-19-2020 by | Posted in: EQ8

We’ve seen a few snowflakes here in Ohio and it inspired me to design a snowy quilt in EQ8 using the WreathMaker. It’s super easy and you’ll have a Sketchbook full of unique snowflakes in no time! Let’s Make Some Snow! Open EQ8 and click Design a block from scratch on the Home screen. On the Block Worktable, click Applique on the ribbon, then Motif in the palette. (If you want your snowflakes to have a background block, you can choose Block instead of Motif. But I have a plan for these snowflakes you’ll see at the end of this lesson!) For this exercise, the block size doesn’t really matter. But I do think it’s helpful to have the Graph Paper on with the Horizontal and Vertical set to 2 so you have a vertical guideline to draw your shapes on. Click the Shapes tool and select one of the

Lessons with Yvonne – Use Your Birthstone Color to Create a Quilt

Posted 11-15-2020 by | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

My birthday is in November.  The birthstone for that month is Topaz.  This is a yellow/orange color.  I don’t like that color at all.  But, as a challenge to myself, I will make a monochromatic block using that color.  I find it is good to challenge myself in all kinds of ways as this is when I grow the most and learn all kinds of discoveries. I once made a quilt in browns and oranges that I don’t care for either, but it is now one of my favorite quilts.  Surprise! Open your EQ8 and name your project ‘birthstone designs’. Click on the block worktable icon on the upper right side of the screen. Click on NEW BLOCK>Pieced>Easy Draw. Set the block size to be an 8 x 8-inch block with 24 snaps horizontal and vertical. I don’t care for the colors I am using so I will create areas

Lessons with Yvonne – Back to School

Posted 09-20-2020 by | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

Let’s celebrate going back to school!  A great way to start a new school year is to make a little gift for the teacher.  EQ8 can help us design a very simple little ‘mug rug/coaster’ for the teacher.  Open your EQ8 and name a new project called ‘back to school’. Click on the block worktable icon on the upper right side of the screen. Click on New Block>Pieced and Applique>Easy Draw. At the top of the block worktable, set the dimensions to be 4 x 6 inches with 24 snaps horizontal and vertical. On the left side of the screen, click on the grid tool to select it.  Set the properties to be 2 columns by 3 rows.  Move the cursor over to the drawing table and click/hold/drag/release the cursor from the upper left side of the block area to the lower right side of the block area.   Add to

Lessons with Yvonne – Child’s Eye View of Lazy Days of Summer

Posted 07-19-2020 by | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

EQ is a quilt design software but we can use it for more than quilt designs.  Have you ever considered making a cloth book for children celebrating different types of playtime?  You can easily accomplish this without sewing a single seam. Open your EQ8 and create a project name ‘Childs Eyeview of Lazy Days of Summer’.  Lazy days would include quiet play, reading, learning while playing, or making up songs and stories around simple images.  For very young children, all life is play! Confirm the name of the project is showing at the top of your screen. Click on the block worktable icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Click on BLOCK>New Block> Easy Draw at the upper left area above the worktable. At the top of the worktable enter a block size of 8 inches with snaps vertical and horizontal set at 32. Click on the line

Make Your Own Coloring Pages with EQ8!

Posted 05-21-2020 by | Posted in: EQ8

Did you know that you can print coloring pages from EQ8? It’s a great option for pattern writers who want to include a coloring sheet in their pattern, and for anyone looking for a relaxing activity away from a screen. (We’re a software company and we love what you can accomplish with a computer, but we all need to step away from that screen once in a while! ) Print a Coloring Page for a Quilt Follow the steps below to print a coloring page for a quilt design. Edit the quilt to the Quilt Worktable. The quilt shown below is from the Storm at Sea Quick Quilt Project. If you’d like to learn more about Quick Quilts, click here. Click the PRINT & EXPORT tab. Click Quilt in the palette. In the Print Quilt window, under Printing Style, choose Outline drawing. Click Preview. There’s your coloring page! If you’re

LESSONS WITH YVONNE–Quilting and Embroidery Merged

Posted 05-17-2020 by | Posted in: EQ8 EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

As crafting people, we rarely do only one type of craft.  Sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, embroidery, photography, quilting, card making, and so much more are creative expressions of ourselves.  Working with fabrics is my first choice of creativity.  I love to work with fabrics, threads, designing, digitizing,  and piecing it all together to create one cohesive design. EQ8 is a quilt design program that uses graphics to help us ‘see’ how our actual project will look finished while still in the ‘virtual world’ of creativity.  As an educator for both machine embroidery and quilting, I can use my EQ8 to merge both of these creative loves of mine.  For those of you who still have EQ7 with the EQStitch add-on program, you can create embroidery directly in your program.  Everyone else uses another software program to create their embroidery.   Have you ever wondered why EQ has an embroidery library?  If

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