We’ve recently added some new employees and so we had a quilting class (taught by Jenny) to make sure we all know how to quilt! (And maybe infect some newbies with the quilting bug ;) )

For even more fun we thought we’d make the blocks from our sewing class into a sew-along! If you’d like to sew along with us and get more details about the project, check them out here. Each month, we’ll feature one staff member and their block in the quilt.

This month we’re featuring Ben!

Ben writes code for improving EQ software products and he’s been here about three years.  Ben says he likes working at EQ because of the people! “The team here were so welcoming when I started and continue to be a joy to work with.”            

Ben hasn’t sewn much before. He said, “I’ve only patched some holes and put a button back on. But, it turns out there is a lot of math involved with getting a quilt designed and assembled and I actually found putting the block together to be quite meditative. It was easier than expected but that might be from Jenny’s excellent teaching and help!”

Ben foundation pieced the Twelve Triangles block and did a great job!


Every month we’re also asking a random icebreaker question, just for fun. Ben’s question was, What would you choose if you could win a lifetime supply of something?


 How realistic do I have to be with “lifetime” supply? I already have one lifetime supply of time itself. Imagine what one could do and see with two lifetimes. Alas this is just impossible. I guess I’ll have to make do with the one I have and settle for something practical, like pizza.


So that’s three blocks, three months, and three employees done!

Stay tuned for our next post on April 15th. We’ll feature another staff member and block!