With the addition of some new employees to our team, we hosted another EQ sewing day in January, so everyone can learn to quilt!

Our talented teacher, Jenny, guided us through the process.

We’re making a quilt using color schemes chosen through a contest. Each month, we’ll feature one staff member and their block in the quilt. If you’d like to sew along and get more details about the project, check them out here.

This month we’re featuring Diane!

Diane leads the Customer Service team, is a member of the Marketing team, and does the majority of accounting. She enjoys cultivating relationships with designers and others in the quilting industry and is fantastic at helping wherever and whenever needed elsewhere. Diane is also great at solving problems and figuring out ways to expose the wonderful EQ products to everyone. Diane says, she loves “hearing or reading the excitement in user’s voices or words when they describe what they were able to make with the help of EQ!” She is often the friendly voice that answers the phone, so if you’ve ever called EQ, you might’ve talked to her! Diane worked at EQ for about 3 ½ years 20 years ago, took a 17-year break to sing opera professionally, then returned in May of 2017, so this time she’s been here a little over 6 ½ years.

Diane was excited for the quilting class because she doesn’t have much sewing experience.  She said, “I can sew on a button that won’t ever come off, and have actually done some counted cross-stitch patterns, though it’s been years ago, but otherwise do not sew, and certainly do not quilt. I fully understand the time and commitment needed to quilt, and while I love math and the creativity aspect, I do not have the time to dedicate to this lovely and appreciated art form right now.

She sewed the Birds in the Air block. Diane says, “I chose the block because the fabrics selected for the block include purple, which is my favorite color, but what I didn’t initially realize is that the purple fabric has birds on it, so very appropriate! I foundation pieced this block, which is what I used a few years ago when we had a “staff sew day” allowing me at that time to sew my first quilt block! My brain does not easily work “backward” or in the way you need to place your patches before you sew them together for foundation piecing, so it’s a slow process for me. Thank goodness Jenny is such a patient teacher! Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience and proud to be part of the EQ quilt!!”

Every month we’re also asking a random icebreaker question, just for fun. Diane’s question was, What is the last thing you did for the first time?

Diane said, “In June, my husband and I went to Puerto Rico for the 2nd time, but it was our first time taking a guided tour of the tropical rain forest, El Yunque. Part of the tour included sliding down rocks into water AND jumping off rocks into the water. While the jump may not look that high, never having done it before and being on the ledge did make it seem quite a bit higher and farther of a jump! We had a blast and are so happy we made the literal leap!”



So that’s two blocks, two months, and two employees done!

Stay tuned for our next post on March 15th. We’ll feature another staff member and block!