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By Hand Challenge – Winners Announced!

Posted 12-03-2018 by Christine | Posted in: Uncategorized

We had SO many amazing entries for this challenge, it was very difficult to narrow it to just three. (See all entries on the original post here.) Thanks to everyone for participating! Watch for more design challenges in 2019! Grand Prize Winner: Darlene Cunningham Darlene wins all the Benartex fabric needed to make her quilt top plus one copy of each of the EQ8 books! Amy’s Honorable Mention: Patti Wabitsch Patti wins all the Benartex fabric needed to make her quilt top! EQ’s Honorable Mention: Serena Toppins Serena wins all the Benartex fabric needed to make her quilt top! Again, you can see all the entries in the original blog post. Thanks again to all participants! If you’re looking for something else to keep you designing, check out this month’s Design & Discover lesson!

EQ8 Lessons with Lori – Pop Art Wall Quilt

Posted 12-03-2018 by Lori | Posted in: EQ8 Lessons with Lori

Greetings!  I am working on some home made gifts and this is one of them.  I am making a Pop Art Wall Quilt using the EQ8 Image Worktable, a photo and EQ Printable fabric.  This Pop Art quilt is reminiscent of the visual artwork created by Andy Warhol.  I have chosen a picture of Oreo, my son’s cat, to make a fun wall hanging for his room.  You can choose any image you like to create this bright and eye-catching quilt. Pop Art Wall Quilt Size: 24″ x 30″ Skill Builders: Working with the Image Worktable Editing a Photo Using Photo Special Effects For this quilt design, you will need a photo saved into your My EQ8/Images file or somewhere on your computer where you can find it.  Your photo should be in the format of a jpg, png or tif file. Open EQ8.  Let’s name the Project.  The project

Design & Discover – Pointed Table Runner

Posted 12-01-2018 by Heidi | Posted in: Design & Discover

Welcome to Design & Discover! You can follow along with a lesson and submit your version of the quilt right on the blog with a link up. If you have a blog, make sure to add your site too. Let’s visit each others’ blogs and all get to know each other! Before getting started, keep in mind any of the images can be viewed larger by clicking on them. Also, you don’t have to make the quilts exactly as shown, have fun and make it your own! You don’t have to make all the quilts, feel free to just make the one(s) you are interested in! This month we will be making table runners with pointed ends! For our first quilt click Quilt Worktable > NEW QUILT tab > On-Point. Click the LAYOUT tab. Choose the option on the right for Style. For Number of Blocks enter 3 Horizontal and

Holiday Sunbonnet Sue is Back!

Posted 11-30-2018 by Jenny | Posted in: Downloads EQ News and Press EQ8

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may have noticed that each year around this time, we have a cute little visitor to our site: It’s our friend, Sunbonnet Sue, and she has the very important job of decorating the tree each year! She holds a special place in our hearts here at EQ and we’d like to share her story today. Penny McMorris & Dean Neumann, EQ founders The Sunbonnet Sue animation was created by Dean Neumann, EQ co-founder and programmer. She made her first appearance on our site back in 1996, shortly after our first website was launched. EQ3 was our current version of the software at that time. EQ3 could only export PCX files (PiCture eXchange) for images. Dean made the animation by drawing individual blocks on the Block Worktable for each of the movements. He exported a PCX for each block and then “stitched”

Cute Snowmen!

Posted 11-29-2018 by Heidi | Posted in: EQ Designers Just Because More for EQers

Did you know that EQ Boutique has 120 collections that you can add onto your EQ? Some are block collections and some have quilts already designed! I know it’s a little early for snowmen…but if we actually want to sew these wintery projects we have to get moving! Sindy Rodenmayer has drawn 8 adorable snowmen to play with in EQ. When you purchase the blocks and download them they link right to your EQ! The blocks show up right in your block library! Of course these blocks and can be edited any way you’d like just like all your other EQ blocks. They would be so cute for a table runner, tree skirt, reusable gift bag…so many things! This month’s Design & Discover was about designing tree skirts, so that has been on my mind. Here is a tree skirt using My Flakey Friends. Here is a cute snowman table

LESSONS WITH YVONNE-Applique Christmas Block Quilts

Posted 11-18-2018 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts

Christmas evokes all kinds of childhood memories for me.  Some people think of the tree and decorations, some think of presents under the tree, some think of the amazing Christmas meal, but I think of Winter Wonderland.  I love Winter.  I loved being outside in the crisp clear air with the sparkle of snow surrounding me.  I think of ice skating, making snowmen, sledding and tobogganing.  I am 65 years old now and I tried ice skating a little while ago.  It did not go well!  But, I can relive my childhood with a Winter Wonderland quilt theme. Open your EQ8 program.  On the opening page, click either on the ‘design a block from scratch’ or on the ‘block worktable icon’. On the block worktable, under the ‘new block tab’, click on the ‘applique icon’ and then click on the ‘motif icon’. NOTE: A motif is an applique without the

EQ8 Block Spotlight: Double Wheel – 9 Spokes

Posted 11-10-2018 by Jenny | Posted in: EQ8 Block Spotlight

Welcome to the EQ8 Block Spotlight series! Each month we highlight a block from the EQ8 Block Library with a few design ideas. Then we want YOU to show us what you can do with the block! Let’s get creative! This month’s block: Double Wheel – 9 Spokes Where to find it: 03 Foundation Pieced > Wheels A few design ideas to get you started I took a modern approach with this first quilt. It’s a simple 4 x4 horizontal layout, but I drew a “blocky” version of the wheel to pair with the original. The wheel block reminded me of wreaths, so I used it in the border of this holiday-inspired quilt. What would you design with the Double Wheel – 9 Spokes block? Post a quilt or two in the comments below. It can be as simple or as complex as you’d like (it just has to use

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