EQ8 Lessons

EQ8 lessons covering topics from basic quilt design to drawing your own blocks (and everything in between!).

EQ7 Lessons

Find EQ lessons on how to do everything from basic quilt layouts to drawing your own complicated blocks. You'll be a pro in no time.

Kaleidoscope Collection Lessons

This club is open to everyone who owns the Kaleidoscope Collection add-on for EQ software. Use these Kaleidoscopes to really design some cool quilts...and learn in the process.

Video Lessons

Learn by watching videos! Find video lessons and overviews on EQ7, EQ6, and My EQ Boutique. You'll even find great clips from EQ on Quilting Arts!

Benni Harper Mystery Lessons

We're proud to join with award winning mystery writer, Earlene Fowler, author of the popular Benni Harper mysteries, to present a series of EQ quilt design lessons based on Earlene's quilt-related book titles. Read about the book. Then do the lesson, designing the quilt in EQ.

Mystery Quilt Series Lessons

Join us as the world-famous New York Detective, Mitzi McDruben, solves another quilt mystery. Follow the story, by Megan McMorris, then complete the lessons to design the quilt by Fran Iverson Gonzalez.