This comes from Judy in Toronto:

“I thought I’d tell you about the cake I made last weekend for my son’s birthday. One of Sean’s favorite activities is to play guitar, and at least once a week he gets together with his friends and band members to jam in our basement. Although it’s a bit loud, I appreciate the fact that he is being creative, as he is mostly self-taught and writes and co-writes much of the material that they play. I figure that music for him is sort of like quilting is to me!

To honor his passion, I decided to make him a guitar birthday cake, and EQ helped me make the pattern. I traced a photo of a Fender Telecaster (the newest of his 4 guitars), as an applique to create the body and drew patches to use as the neck and headstock. I was able to print out the pattern in the exact size I needed to cut the shapes out of rectangular slab cake.”