Alternative Uses for EQ

  • Hobby Room done in EQ6

    Arranging Furniture for a Room in EQ

    Mary from ME Quilter shows you how to arrange a room in EQ. Her instructions are for EQ6 but you can use EQ7 as well! Thanks Mary!

  • birthdaybannerforashtyn

    Birthday Banner

    Make this adorable birthday banner for someone in your life! Use EQ7 to personalize photos or text. Get the EQ7 project in our downloads section.

  • jt_design

    Border Tiling in Bathroom

    So, in December 2007 we had an “Inspiration from Architecture” ClubEQ challenge. Jane Turgeon from Northeastern Ontario decided to try doing her bathroom tile border in EQ and submitted it as her project. Here’s a picture of the original EQ design: She says: “This diamond inset is on the wall and floor of our new bathroom. I used Seminole piecing as the construction technique. The…

  • glassdearjane-297x300

    Dear Jane Glass Quilt by Scott Baddley

    How beautiful is this Dear Jane glass piece?! This masterpiece was created by self proclaimed “Maniac Janiac” Scott Baddley. The pieces were all hand made by Scott. The quilt 1/2 scale, so it 40×40″ and weighs well over 100 pounds. It’s currently adhered to the table top in his home but he wants to have it framed out and hung on the wall. Either way,…

  • guitar-cake

    Design your Cake and Eat it Too!

    This comes from Judy in Toronto: “I thought I’d tell you about the cake I made last weekend for my son’s birthday. One of Sean’s favorite activities is to play guitar, and at least once a week he gets together with his friends and band members to jam in our basement. Although it’s a bit loud, I appreciate the fact that he is being creative,…

  • karenfloor1

    EQ for Floor Designing

    We love it when you use EQ to design things like gardens, stained glass, and even tile floors. Karen Keenen, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, let us see the floor she designed for her friend’s sewing room, using EQ6. Karen writes, “My friend is getting a 16×32 sewing room and my husband was so enthused about the design I came up with, he offered to install…

  • 6918729164_519ffc166f

    iPhone Cover Designed in EQ7

    On Jenny Makes Stuff, we found this really creative iPhone cover she designed in EQ7. It’s so darling and such a creative use of EQ7 that we had to show you. Jenny writes, “I’ve had the case for a few weeks and just couldn’t decide on a design I wanted to stitch. I used EQ7 to work up some of my ideas. Not the program’s intended use, but still…

  • panel3

    Remodel your Space with EQ

    Sindy of Sindy’s Stuff blog has a great little tip to share about EQ. When it came time to remodel the bathroom she was stumped about how she was going to do it without the help of the handymen in her life. So she turned to EQ for help with planning out her new space!

  • tile_floor2-300x243

    Tiling the Shower with EQ

    For the last year, my husband, his father, his grandfather, and his cousin and I have been working off and on updating the master bath at our house. We’re not quite done, but we’re finally at a point where we can use the shower and sinks. Yippee! When it came time to design the shower, we looked into buying pre-made mosaic floors, but those cost…

  • garagelayout

    Use EQ to Plan Out Your Garage!

    Fran Gonzalez, author of EQ6 Simplified, recently wrote us to share how she and her husband Larry used EQ6 to do their garage space: “We redesigned the garage/workshop in EQ6 before we moved a single thing. Larry was very impressed. We even inserted text to label all the carts, power tool stands, etc. Larry and I spent the last 10 days reorganizing the garage and…