So, in December 2007 we had an “Inspiration from Architecture” ClubEQ challenge. Jane Turgeon from Northeastern Ontario decided to try doing her bathroom tile border in EQ and submitted it as her project. Here’s a picture of the original EQ design:


She says: “This diamond inset is on the wall and floor of our new bathroom. I used Seminole piecing as the construction technique. The pieced border is simulated in EQ (in layer 2) to get the grout to line up.

Jane wrote in to say her tiling project was done. Here’s a picture of the finished bathroom.

finished bathroom

If you’re trying to figure out why the color is bolder and more in the foreground near that tan part of the picture, are you in for a surprise. The Roman blind now has a band from this EQ design that lines up with the wall tile insert.

Wow Jane. Super duper bonus points for making the window shade match the tile border.

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