Learn to import images for tracing in EQ7, or to export images to create your own pattern instructions.


This is a follow-up to the original article, Exploding Blocks & Quilts for Sewing Patterns. In this article I suggest the use of a FREE program called Inkscape. This tool handles images in ways very similar to Illustrator, but is free! – Al Navas


If you own Adobe Illustrator (or another vector program), you can explode a block or quilt from EQ7 to create your own sewing instructions. This lesson works for both EQ7 Windows and EQ7 Mac. Print the lesson from this page, or download the PDF.


Carol explains several options for exporting images from EQ7. 


Any image can be scanned and imported for tracing. Step-by-step instructions.


Learn how to import and trace images in EQ from expert Sindy Rodenmayer.