EQStitch is an embroidery digitizing plug-in for EQ7. Learn to create your own digitized files right in EQStitch!


This first tutorial in Quilt Shop Gal’s Seasonal Tutorial for EQStitch users, will be released in two parts. Part 1 will create a witch hat that is a filled design (vs applique’), where you will learn how to import an image, trace your image, set a fill pattern, set colors, create a custom library, export your design to your machine and more! In Part 2…


EQStitch guru, Yvonne Menear, has a YouTube Channel of EQStitch video lessons.


Learn how easy it is to convert any of the Quiltmaker Quilting Designs into stitchable drawings for EQStitch. The drawing is done already, just follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way!