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EQ user and teacher, Al Navas, shows you how to color embroidery in EQ7.


Check out On-Point Quilter, Kari Schell’s YouTube channel of detailed EQ7 video tutorials.


This is a follow-up to the original article, Exploding Blocks & Quilts for Sewing Patterns. In this article I suggest the use of a FREE program called Inkscape. This tool handles images in ways very similar to Illustrator, but is free! – Al Navas


This first tutorial in Quilt Shop Gal’s Seasonal Tutorial for EQStitch users, will be released in two parts. Part 1 will create a witch hat that is a filled design (vs applique’), where you will learn how to import an image, trace your image, set a fill pattern, set colors, create a custom library, export your design to your machine and more! In Part 2…


EQStitch guru, Yvonne Menear, has a YouTube Channel of EQStitch video lessons.


Marian from shares her video about tips on rotating in EQ7.


She shows in details how to design paper piecing patterns based on a picture. “Honestly, EQ7 makes it much easier to design such pattern. It’s just done before you can spell ‘paper piecing’.” – Joanna View the lesson


Adding a block to a pre-made Quilt Layout.


Lots of information about the Brush Stroke Tool.


It’s a little trick tucked inside the User Manual on page 122. It was actually quite easy and fun.

OH NUTS_thumb[3]

Draw your own blocks and use them in a quilt.


Carol explains several options for exporting images from EQ7. 


Any image can be scanned and imported for tracing. Step-by-step instructions.


A video tutorial that shows the steps to make a basic sampler quilt. Great for beginners!


Lots of practice manipulating nodes.


This tutorial shows you how to create and use a guide to design a flower with identical shaped petals. Then turn the flower in to a smiling daisy. Learn to copy and re-size the design to add multiple flowers on one block.


I love quilts with unusual shapes. With EQ7 you have a wonderful tool to create quilts, even with non-square layouts. With this example, I’ll show you how I do it. The EQ Pieced Drawing book by Patti Anderson was a great help to me. If you don’t have it already you should purchase it (see a free preview chapter from the book here). EQ has republished…


So, how do you work with one block, fussy cut pieces in EQ, and get an irish chain effect? Check out Marlene’s EQ tutorial to find out!


Learn how to make this adorabl Pitcher Cover in EQ7 with expert Angie Padilla.


Repeat it, recolor it, twist it, or mix it up! Try these fun quilt designing techniques from designer Sandi Walton using just one block.

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