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Inspired by the antique quilt below, learn how to design your own Dream Catcher quilt in EQ7!

Courtesy American Folk Art Museum, New York. #76 Daisies Quilt; Artist unidentified; United States 1890-1930. Collection of Joanna S. Rose.  Photo by Gavin Ashworth.



  1. In EQ7 start a new project. Name it: Dream Catcher


  1. Click WORKTABLE > Work on Block.
  2. Click BLOCK > New Block > EasyDraw.
  3. Click VIEW > Precision Bar, to make sure you have the Precision Bar showing above your drawing worktable.
  4. On the Precision Bar, set these settings:

Block Width: 6.00
Block Height: 6.00
Snaps Horizontal: 24 (Since your block is 6″, 24 snaps lets you start and stop a line at each 1/4″. 6 x 4 = 24)
Snaps Vertical: 24
Graph Paper: OFF
Snapping Options:
Snap to Grid – ON
Snap to Node – ON
Snap to Line – OFF


Draw 7 lines, as follows:

  1. Draw a diagonal line from top-left to bottom-right corner.
  2. Draw a line from 2″ down on left edge to 1 ½” on diagonal line.
  3. Draw a line from that same spot on the diagonal line up to 2″ on top.

Your block will look like this:

  1. Draw a line from 4″ from the bottom edge up to 4 ½” on the diagonal.
  2. Draw a line from that same spot on the diagonal line up to 4″ on the right edge.

Your block will look like this:

  1. Draw a line across the top-right corner from 4″ on the top ruler to 2″ on the side ruler.
  2. Draw the last line across the bottom-left corner from 4″ on the left ruler, to 2″ on the bottom ruler.

Your finished block should look like this:


What makes this block so versatile is asymmetry:
– Asymmetrical design, making the block form new designs when you rotate
– Asymmetrical coloring, which adds to the fun

  1. Click the Color tab (bottom of screen).
  2. Color your block.

Here’s our block, colored:

  1. Click Add to Sketchbook.


  1. Click WORKTABLE > Work on Quilt.
  2. Click QUILT > New Quilt > Horizontal.
  3. Click the Layout tab (bottom of screen).
  4. Make the following settings:

Number of Blocks: Hor 8, Ver 8
Finished size of blocks: 6.00″
Sashing: 0.00

  1. Click the Layer 1 tab.
  2. Click the Set Block tool.
  3. Hold down your keyboard CTRL key as you click [CTRL+click] on your quilt layout to set the block into all block spaces. The design will just be so-so. Nothing special.


Because this block’s design AND coloring are asymmetrical (meaning the block is not the same on all 4 sides) it is PERFECT for rotating, since if you rotate asymmetric blocks different amounts they form new secondary designs in the quilt.

Let’s jazz up the design — using the Symmetry Tool. (The Symmetry tool (page 88 – EQ7 User Manual) automates flipping and rotation on all blocks simultaneously.)

  1. Click the Symmetry tool.
Note: For the best effects using this the Symmetry tool, use:
  • Horizontal layouts with no sashing
  • Ctrl + click to affect all blocks in the quilt (or use Alt + click for alternating blocks)
  • Blocks with asymmetrical block drawings and/or asymmetrical block colorings

The Symmetry tool is capable of producing 16 variations of the quilt design by flipping and rotating the blocks. Clicking 17 times displays the original setting again.

  1. CTRL+click on the quilt. We’re liking the first design you see. CTRL+click repeatedly and see a new design each time you click.

You may find other combinations you like – like this:

Or this:

  1. Click Add to Sketchbook each time you see a design you like, to save the quilt.