Find EQ lessons on how to do everything from basic quilt layouts to drawing your own complicated blocks. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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EQ - Fabric Library

Learn how to change the Default Fabric Palette in EQ7 with Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces.


Get some advice from expert quilt designer Judy Butcher on how to select colors for you quilt.


Want to make a dent in that growing pile of UFOs or put some of those orphan blocks to good use? Here’s how EQ7 can help you design a project around already-sewn elements! You could find your patterns in the Block Library or draw them on the Block Worktable, but the quickest way to start designing around finished blocks is to take a photo of…


When is the last time you spent time at a copy machine trying to shrink down or enlarge a pattern? Usually, it’s not a very fun time (and sometimes not very productive either). Have you ever tried to use EQ7 to re-size patterns instead? For example, here is an adorable pair of baby shoes FREE from Laura Gaag at a Fleetingthing.com. I downloaded the pattern,…


Inspired by Barbara Brackman. Did you realize that a simple block like this…. Could produce a sophisticated design like this? This block is similar to a Spider Web, and its uneven strips give it an informal “improvised” look, perfect for scrap quilts. (If you did the EasyDraw lessons that came with EQ7 [HELP > EQ Lessons] you learned to draw a somewhat similar Spider Web…


Bea Lee teaches you how to create a rail fence border in EQ7.

curves with EQ7 tutorial button

Joanna from Shape Moth Blog shows you how easy it is to make curves in EQ7!


Learn to trace images in EQ7 with Marlene Oddie.


What better way to think about the Olympics than to try and draft those rings in EQ7 (Electric Quilt v.7 software)! DISCLAIMER: This is not to be used for commercial purposes. Please respect the IOC’s trademark. I do have permission to share this editorial and illustrative method for drafting my version of the image.


Take Advantage of Cool BlockBase Search Tools Many BlockBase owners never know BlockBase has such cool Search tools. They use BlockBase as merely an “add-on” with 4000+ more blocks for EQ7. They use “EQ7 Search” to find Blocks. That’s OK. But they miss out on fun Search possibilities. This lesson shows how to take advantage of hundreds of special search categories, only available in BlockBase.…


Perfect for big Sampler quilt projects. See your quilt grow as you plan block placement.


Learn how to draw this Etoile de Chamblie in EQ7 along with Marlene Oddie of KISSED Quilts.


In this lesson we’ll design a layout perfect for random applique blocks.


This is actually a really cool technique. 1) Edit the block to the worktable. Make note of the block size. (Mine is a 5×5.) 2) Click FILE > Export Image. 3) Save the file on your Desktop (you can delete it later). 4) Click BLOCK > New Block > PatchDraw Motif. 5) Click BLOCK > Import Image for Tracing. 6) Import in the image you…


Someone asked on Info-EQ last month how to draw a filler design. My answer was … it’s hard… really hard… and I have to do about 15 of them for Volume 7 of Quiltmaker Quilting Designs. They asked me to post how I got the perfect tracing image to create continuous Allover quilting designs, once I figured it out. It’s difficult to get the “repeat”.…

pink ribbon quilt or block a

QuiltShopGal shares her Breast Cancer Awareness block/quilt tutorial and its a great way to learn new tricks in EQ7.

Sweet Lullaby Baby Quilt

QuiltShopGal’s Sweet Lullaby Quilt tutorial is a great was to learn new tricks in EQ7.


Check out Reeze’s blog for a new EQ7 Tutorial.  It appeared on “Stash Manicure – Sew We Quilt” on November 21 and is now housed on her blog under tutorials. Great illustrated lesson!


Patti, the author of EQ6 Pieced Drawing, (the book that ANYONE who REALLY wants to draw in EQ6 or EQ7 needs!) steps you through Boston Commons designing.


Greg Rehill from BC Canada, presents a lesson on drawing Hexagon blocks. you need prior experience to complete this lesson. The lesson can be done in EQ6 or EQ7. Greg lets you download his Hexagon Block file whether you do his lesson or not.

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