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When is the last time you spent time at a copy machine trying to shrink down or enlarge a pattern? Usually, it’s not a very fun time (and sometimes not very productive either). Have you ever tried to use EQ7 to re-size patterns instead?
For example, here is an adorable pair of baby shoes FREE from Laura Gaag at a
I downloaded the pattern, and cropped the images. Once cropped the sole was 4.533 x 2.607. In EQ7 on the Block Worktable, I clicked the Import Image button and set the block size to exactly what the cropped image size was (4.533 x 2.607).
Cropped, the top of the shoe was 4.890 x 4.393.
On the Applique Tab, trace the pattern.
The original pattern says it makes a size 3 months shoe. But, what if you want a different size? Let’s say that you want to make some tiny shoes with a sole that is 3 inches long. Usually EQ does the math but this will take a little brain power…BUT this online percentage calculator will help!
We need to figure out the new (desired) widths and heights for the two “blocks” (the sole and the top of the shoe).
Because the pattern is laying horizontally, the 3 inches for the sole is actually going to be considered the width. (You could rotate it, but I’m going to work with it the way it is.)
Using the online percentage calculator, type in your original width (4.533) and desired width (3). Click Calculate.
The “answer” is 151.1%. This tells us that we are shrinking the blocks down by 151.1%.
Next, type in your original height and (the answer from the previous calculation) 151.1. Click Calculate to get your desired height of the sole.
So, for the sole of the shoe the block would be 3 x 1.725. Now, let’s figure out the dimensions for the top of the shoe. First the width.
And now the height.
So, the size of the top of the shoe block would be 3.236 x 2.907.
It does take a little thinking, but once you learn the math, might save a lot of trips to the copy machine. With so many cute (and free) pattens available online, it’s nice to be able to re-size, alter, change, modify, revise, tweak, and personalize them with EQ7, from the comfort of your home.

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to