Block 4 instructions for the EQ7 Jump Start Series


Block 3 instructions for the EQ7 Jump Start Series


Block 2 instructions for the EQ7 Jump Start Series


Block 1 instructions for the EQ7 Jump Start Series


Learn how to make this adorabl Pitcher Cover in EQ7 with expert Angie Padilla.


Electric Quilt 7 file organization made easy when you use this technique by Sandi Walton of Piecemeal Quilts.


Learn the benefits of designing with solid colors in EQ from FeedDog!


When is the last time you spent time at a copy machine trying to shrink down or enlarge a pattern? Usually, it’s not a very fun time (and sometimes not very productive either). Have you ever tried to use EQ7 to re-size patterns instead? For example, here is an adorable pair of baby shoes FREE from Laura Gaag at a Fleetingthing.com. I downloaded the pattern,…


Perfect for big Sampler quilt projects. See your quilt grow as you plan block placement.

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The Quiltmaker library links automatically to your Block Library. If not, just auto add them. Then use Quilting Designs in your quilts in EQ7. It’s easy!


If you already have Quiltmaker Quilting Designs then you know that you can print any of the Quiltmaker stencils in any size. But what you may not know is that if you had EQ7 as well you can link the Quilting Designs volumes to your EQ7 libraries and use them in your quilt designs in EQ7. One better, you can actually edit any of the stencils in EQ7 to make them your own.


Create images for books and magazines, illustrate instructions, and design product packaging!