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Sew Alongs

EQ7 Summer Drawing: Block 1–EasyDraw

Posted 05-01-2013 by | Posted in: Block 1 EQ7 Summer Drawing Sew Alongs

Welcome to the Block 1 post for the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series! We’ll start each month with a drawing lesson that focuses on one of the drawing styles available on the Block Worktable. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll have a link up post where everyone can show off a photo of their sewn block. That’s right, we’re not just drawing in this series, we’re SEWING too! ———————– Block 1 is drawn on the EasyDraw Block Worktable. EasyDraw is the simplest way to draw a pieced block in EQ7. You can draw straight lines and curved arcs in EasyDraw. The one rule you have to follow when drawing in EasyDraw is to make sure that your lines and arcs touch one another OR the block outline. If you’d like to read more information about the basics of EasyDraw, I highly recommend checking out the EQ Lesson titled EasyDraw

BlockBase Sew Along – Quilt Link Up!

Posted 04-29-2013 by | Posted in: BlockBase Sew Along Finished Quilts

Is everyone ready to share their finished BlockBase Sew Along quilts?! Here’s mine: My layout is made up of four 10″ blocks and nine 5″ blocks. I settled on this layout and then realized I had one too many 10″ blocks, so I ended up making a new block at 5″. It’s block #1279: And I decided to put my label on the front (printed on EQ Printables, of course!): This quilt is a bit busy, so I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to quilt it. After discussing it with our office quilting expert, Margaret, I decided to quilt horizontal and vertical lines in the big blocks and X’s in the small blocks. I really like it! (You can see more of Margaret’s wonderful work here and here.) Now it’s your turn– let’s see those finished quilts! To Link Up Your Photo Scroll down to the comment form at

Announcing the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series on the Do You EQ Blog!

Posted 04-17-2013 by | Posted in: EQ7 Summer Drawing Sew Alongs

Have you always wanted to know more about block drawing in EQ7? Here’s your chance! This summer we’ll have a block drawing series that will teach you the fundamentals for each of the different drawing styles available on the Block Worktable. But this series isn’t just about drawing—it’s a SEW along too! At the end of each month I want to see your block in fabric! The series will run from May – August. We’ll begin each month with a block drawing lesson, featuring one of the drawing styles. At the end of the month, there will be a link up on the blog where you can post a photo of your sewn block. At the end of the series you’ll have four blocks (great for a wallhanging or table runner), and lots of knowledge and experience drawing blocks in EQ7! Are you ready to master the EQ7 Block Worktable?

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 12 Link Up!

Posted 03-29-2013 by | Posted in: Block 12 BlockBase Sew Along

Here we are at the very last block of the sew along! You should all be experts at using BlockBase now and I hope that you had fun picking out your own block. I can’t wait to see all the variety in this link up! Since we all made our own choice, make sure to write the BlockBase number of your block in the comment box (and maybe tell us why you choose it too!). I choose block #1931: As you can imagine, it was not easy to choose only 12 blocks from the over 4000 available in the software (tough job, right?). Eventually I was able to narrow it down to 20 blocks and this was one of the blocks on that list. To Link Up Your Photo Scroll down to the comment form at the end of this post. Fill in your info and make sure you select

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 12

Posted 03-18-2013 by | Posted in: Block 12 BlockBase Sew Along

Can you believe that we are at the end of our sew along already? I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you and seeing the wonderful blocks you’ve made at each link up! How about we take a little stroll down memory lane and look at what we’ve made so far (click on a block below to visit the Link Up page).           And here’s a summary of what we learned along the way: Block 1 (1336) – Search by Number Block 2 (2741) – Parts of the BlockBase Screen Block 3 (2448) – Quick Quilt Feature Block 4 (2049) – Reference Section/Block’s Source Block 5 (1755) – Using BlockBase with EQ7 Block 6 (2354) – Wildcard Search Block 7 (1774) – Keyword Search Block 8 (1407a or 1401) – Locate in BlockBase Block 9 (2901.5) – Export Metafile Block 10 (1301) – Export Bitmap Block

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 11 Link Up!

Posted 03-15-2013 by | Posted in: Block 11 BlockBase Sew Along

Link up time once again- let’s see those #2088 blocks! I saw lots of fun variations in this block. The way I colored it above made me think of little houses going around a square. To Link Up Your Photo Scroll down to the comment form at the end of this post. Fill in your info and make sure you select an image for your comment (this will be the photo of your block). If you have a blog, make sure to add your site too. If you wrote a post for this block, please link directly to that post. Let’s visit each others’ blogs and all get to know each other! You can link up your Block 11 photo at any time. But for those who link up by Monday, March 18, 12 noon EST, you’ll be entered in a little giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a priority

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 11

Posted 03-04-2013 by | Posted in: Block 11 BlockBase Sew Along

The end is in sight- here we are at Block 11 of the sew along! Block #2088 *Remember, if you’re keeping all your sew along blocks in the same project, open the project now so you can add this new block.* Open BlockBase and click the Search by Number tool. Type in 2088 and click Search. The block appears on the Search Results tab. Click the Print Block tool. The wonderful thing about being able to print your own block patterns is that you’re not limited to using the construction technique chosen by the quilt designer. Many times I find that using a combination of the print styles works best for me. For example, I’ll be making my block 5″ x 5″ finished. Let’s take a look at the Rotary Cutting chart for this block at 5″ (I’ve set rounding to 1/16): Patches A and B look easy enough to

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