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Lesson 1

Design and Sew Along 3 – Lesson One

Posted 09-06-2020 by | Posted in: Design and Sew Along EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts Lesson 1

Welcome to DESIGN AND SEW ALONG 3-LESSONS WITH YVONNE.  This is lesson one (1) in this series that will focus on seasons and holidays in each of those seasons utilizing the EQ8 software. Not everyone celebrates holidays, so you will have the option of creating a seasonal block instead of a holiday block.  Not all countries celebrate the holidays at the same time.  For instance, Thanksgiving in Canada is in October, and in the USA it is celebrated in November.  You will design your blocks in plenty of time to be able to stitch them out before your holiday time. We will be making blocks that are all the same size so you will be able to put them together to make one large quilt or use them as blocks for smaller projects like bags, table runners, wall hangings, and quick gifts for others. The written lessons will appear each

Design and Sew Along 2 – Lesson One

Posted 05-03-2020 by | Posted in: Design and Sew Along EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts Lesson 1

Welcome to the new DESIGN AND SEW 2–LESSONS WITH YVONNE.  In this series of lessons, we will be concentrating on using the built-in elements of EQ8 to create our designs.  We will not be drawing, but rather will be using what is already in the program and editing the designs to work for us in our new layout.  Each session we will look at a different style and function of the tools for each style.  You have two weeks between lessons so you will have time to sew your designs if you choose between each lesson.  At the end of the lesson, you will find a video that shows me creating a design that follows the written lesson.  You may prefer to watch the video first and then follow the step by step written lesson so you have a better idea of what direction we will be going with.  You


Posted 01-26-2020 by | Posted in: Design and Sew Along EQ8 Lessons with Yvonne Favorite Posts Lesson 1

Welcome to Design and Sew Lesson 1.  I look forward to hearing from all of you here on the blog page.   The lessons will be posted on the blog page the first and fourth Sunday of each month.  The dates of the lessons will be January 26, February 9, February 23, March  8, and March 22, 2020. We will be constructing the quilt shown below.  Lessons will have information on the layout, block design, printing the lesson, printing the block pattern, printing the fabric requirements and more.  Below is an image of the quilt we will be constructing.  You may choose to do the same colors as I have or you can substitute your own colors.  I have shown the quilt and the  amount of fabric yardage you need in both full color and in grayscale. If you choose to make this quilt layout as presented, the over all size