Jul. 02, 2015

Perfect Projects for The 4th of July!

We have an assortment of FREE American Flag themed quits! All of these projects are available for EQ7, EQ6 or Quilt Design Wizard! Just click on an image to be able to download the file.

Also, our office will be closed tomorrow, July 3rd, in observation of Independence Day. We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

Jul. 01, 2015

Fabrics of the Month


July’s free fabric download features a new division of Timeless Treasures Fabrics – Revive. This new division focuses on designs from different eras or movements in history. Based on the Art Deco period, Charleston is the first collection by Revive.

Download Charleston by Revive for your EQ7 now!

We just may have a blog challenge in the works for this collection… stay tuned to the blog for more information! ;-)

Jun. 30, 2015

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Zoom Tools

The Zoom Tools

Zoom In

Use this tool to magnify a section of the quilt or block.
1. Position the mouse cursor at the top-left of the area you want to magnify.
2. Click, hold and drag to make a box surrounding the area.
3. Release the mouse. The zoomed area will be displayed.

This is especially helpful when drawing a block. Zoom in to make sure the block’s lines are connecting.

Zoom Out

Click this tool to return your view to the previous level of magnification. Continue clicking to zoom out further. If you have zoomed in multiple times, you can click this button multiple times, zooming  out with each click.


Use this tool to redraw the entire screen at the current magnification level. This action does not change the magnification level. It simply “cleans up” your screen of any remnant “screen garbage”.

Fit to Worktable

Click this button when you want to redraw the block or quilt as large as possible on the worktable. You may want to use this if you change the workspace by resizing the window, or by adding or removing the Graph Pad, Precision Bar, Toolbars or the Dynamic Help Window.

• If you’d like a reminder of this and other tools in EQ7, check out the  Display Dynamic Help tool.
• To print this: Click the title (Tool Tip Tuesday! -  The Zoom Tools) and then print as normal.

Jun. 26, 2015

Hundreds of fabrics for just $7.95!

stash 2015-02

Are you loving Moda’s new collections?
How about Art Gallery’s spring market releases?
Riley Blake’s new designs?

If you love new fabrics from top manufacturers, download over 1,400 for your EQ7 now!!

Here’s a peek at some of the collections:



Click here to view a list of manufacturers and all collections included.

Purchase this downloadable product for just $7.95 – it installs right into your EQ7! You’ll be designing with HUNDREDS of the newest fabrics in just seconds! Enjoy :)

Jun. 25, 2015

Have you seen Kimberly Einmo’s EQ downloads?

Kimberly Einmo is an author, award-winning quilter, designer, international instructor and quilt judge. She has written five books, many articles, and appeared on television and radio programs. Kimberly also has a signature line of innovative tools and has designed many original quilts and patterns. And, she’s an EQ Artist too!

To find out more about Kimberly, please visit her site: www.kimberlyeinmo.com


The Electric Quilt Company has recently made collections of some of her fantastic projects available for for you to download right into your EQ7! Her quilts are so cute and cheery…and they are all pre-cut friendly!

Based on Kimberly Einmo’s book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic. This download includes 13 EQ7 projects.

Check out all the quilts included below! (You can click on the image to see it larger)

Based on Kimberly Einmo’s book, Jelly Roll Quilts & More. This download includes 14 EQ7 projects.

You can see all the quilts included below. (Click on the image to see it larger)

Quilt Magic and Quilts and More each contain Kimberly’s original quilt design, along with brand-new variations!  Over 50 quilt designs to choose from in each! Print the patterns as Kimberly designed them to keep the designs pre-cut friendly, or edit them to make your own designs.

Kimberly Einmo’s project downloads require EQ7. They are compatible with Mac and PCs. They will open in EQ7 as an existing project, like shown below.

The quilts are designed and ready for you to make OR for you to edit and play with to create whatever you have in mind!

Jun. 24, 2015

Marlene Howe’s Tribute Quilt

Marlene Howe was an early EQ user, and sales rep who demonstrated and sold EQ when the company was just starting. She recently created a quilt paying tribute to the many quilt teachers she’s had over the years. She included EQ in this very special quilt and we’re so honored to be a part of it!

Here’s a close-up of her EQ block. We love it!

On the back of the quilt, she included the story of each block/teacher. In her story about Electric Quilt, Marlene writes that she bought her first computer just to be able to use the software.

What a lovely way to document your special quilting memories. A very special thank you to Marlene for allowing us to share this wonderful quilt!

Jun. 23, 2015

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Print Tool


Use this tool to display a menu of printing options.

To print any of the following you must first be on the correct worktable, then click the Print button to view the menu:

Quilt image = Quilt worktable
Fabric yardage = Quilt worktable
Block image or pattern = Block worktable
Multiple photos on one page = Any worktable
Photo that’ set on a quilt = Quilt worktable

To print a block pattern, or any other set on the quilt (Quilt worktable):
1. Click the Select tool.
2. Click the Layer the item has been set on.

3. Click the block, text, photo embroidery, or stencil to select it.
4. Click the Print button to display the menu.
5. Click to choose the type of pattern you want to print.

Printing from the Quilt worktable gives you the option to Use size from quilt. This is very beneficial when you are printing a block pattern specific to the quilt you are going to make. Whatever size your layout is set at, is the size the designs will print if you choose this option.

Printing from the Block worktable lets you print your block at any size you want. The default size for blocks printed from the Block worktable is 6.00 inches. Stitching designs can only be printed from the Stitching worktable and should only be printed in the size they were designed.

NOTE: Not every printing option is available for every block. If you choose a block that is not ideal for foundation piecing or rotary cutting, those printing options will not be available. The template option is never disabled for blocks.

• If you’d like a reminder of this and other tools in EQ7, check out the  Display Dynamic Help tool.
• To print this: Click the title (Tool Tip Tuesday! -  The Print Tool) and then print as normal.