EQ Mini Friday Fun – Dolce Doll Quilt

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This months design is a mini quilt called Dolce Doll Quilt.  It is the perfect size for an 18″ doll or even a pretty mini wall hanging.  This is a Vertical layout and we will do some creative design.  I used 3 complimentary solids but it would be cute with some coordinating prints.

Here is the little doll quilt on my mother’s homemade doll bed from her childhood.  So cute!  And I even made a little pillow and pillow case.

Let’s start designing!

Dolce Doll Quilt

Skillset: Beginner

Size: 18″ x 24″

Skill Builders:

  • Working with Vertical layout
  • Working with pieced block strip style (in a creative way!)
  • Adding blocks

Lets Design!

  1. Open EQ Mini.
  2. If it asks you to take a quick tour, click Close.
  3. Read the tip of the day and click Close.
  4. Let’s start by naming the Project.  The project name will appear at the very top of the EQ Mini Window.  Right now the project says Untitled.  On the top toolbar click the Save button.   The Save As box will display.
  5.  Save your project file in the default folder which is projects.   Hint: You can then find it under Documents > My EQ Mini > Projects later.  Now in the file name box type Dolce Doll Quilt.
  6. Click Save.  The box will close.  Notice the project name Untitled has been replaced with Dolce Doll Quilt.

  7. Select the Quilt Style
  8. On the Blue Start New Quilt Tab, select the Vertical Layout.

  9.  Select the  Eight 8″ Plain Strips Layout.  It should be the first layout on the top left row.  If you move the mouse and hover over the layouts, it will tell you the name of them.
  10.  Select the Orange Adjust Layout tab.  The layout palette will display.
  11. Delete all but one of the strips.
  12. Select the pieced block strip style.
  13. Change the strip width to 3.
  14. Change the strip length to 24.
  15. Change the number of blocks across the length to 8.
    Note: This is a design element, I want to add a small block across the quilt, but when I actually sew it up, I will not piece the strips, I will just create  the single color strips.  I just want to get the pieced block into a section of the design so I could drop a block design into it.  You can get creative like that!
  16. Check the box labeled Clone the selected strip.
  17. Then add 5 more strips for a total of 6.
  18. Select the Green Edit BordersTab.
  19.  Select Border 1 of 1.
  20.  Leave the border style as Long Horizontal.
  21. Change the size to .25″ wide to mimic the binding.
  22. Select the Orange Design Quilt tab.
  23. Under Sketchbook blocks, click to open the library to select more blocks.
  24. Under the block libraries, open 01 Classic Pieced.  Then select Four Patch.

  25. Select and click add to sketchbook the following block: Two by Two.
  26.  Click and drag the Two by Two block to each block in the third row down.
  27. Right click on the Two by Two block in the sketchbook and select to add a plain block.
  28. Click and drag the plain block to each of the remaining blocks.
  29. Close Sketchbook blocks.
  30.  Click the Paintbrush tool   on the right hand toolbar.
  31. The Sketchbook Fabrics and Colors palette will open.  Click to open the Library to get more colors.
  32. Using the fabrics and colors palette, color your quilt design using light pink, fuscia and turquoise.  Select the fabric or color and then click on the area you want to color on the quilt.  I just used three solid coordinating colors.
  33. Once you have the coloring how you like it, save the quilt design to your sketchbook. 

Congratulations, you have designed a quilt on point.
Design Variation


Now that you have your design, here are  Tips and Help Articles to help you get ready to sew up your lovely design.

How to print the fabric yardage estimates required to piece the top

How to print the cutting instructions

Ready to Quilt?

Now that you have designed this in EQ Mini, why not stitch up this beautiful quilt?  You can find a detailed tutorial for the Dolce Doll Quilt  on my Lori Miller Designs blog.

Please share your ideas, questions and feedback in the comments. Thanks!

Lori J. Miller lives in Troy, Michigan, where she designs, stitches and sews quilts and quilty things. She loves experimenting with fun colors and designs to make playful and clever products for the modern stitcher.  Sewing since age 11, Lori has deep roots in sewing and quilting traditions that add a unique dimension to her designs.  She loves designing using Electric Quilt 7, Electric Quilt Mini and EQ Stitch.  You can follow her quilting adventures on her blog at lorimillerdesigns.com or on instagram @lorimillerdesigns

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