EQ Mini Friday Fun: How to add fabrics to your library

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Adding Fabric to EQ Mini

There are several ways to add fabric to EQ Mini to provide more realistic designs or to mimic the look of the fabric that you have.  This allows you to virtually see your quilt before you cut into the fabric.  There is a lot of flexibility, however, EQ Mini does not provide full functionality, so there are limitations to what fabric can be added.  I will help you sort it out to make the most of this EQ Mini Quilt Design software.

Free Built In Fabrics

EQ Mini already comes with a built in library of 3500 scanned fabrics.  You can even search for fabrics by color or by a descriptive word in the title of the fabric like “dots” or “striped”.  I can often find a fabric that is very close to what I am planning on using already in the library.

Also in the built in fabric library is a range of solid colors.  You can use these like solid fabrics to design your quilts.  I have also used them to mimic light and dark colored prints that read like a solid for design purposes.

Free Fabric of the Month

The Electric Quilt Company provides an online download monthly of a Manufacturers fabrics.  This month is The Cookie Exchange designed by Sweetwater from Moda seen above. (Aren’t these holiday designs super cute?)

You get a collection of fabrics that you can download online and add to your EQ Mini Design Software.

Even better, if you are just finding out about these free fabrics, the past months are still posted to download as well.  The download instructions are super easy and this is a great way to add to your fabric library.

Free Project Files

Another way to add more fabrics is to download the free Monthly project files that are specifically marked for EQ Mini.  Within these projects are fabrics files that can be added to your fabric library.  These fabrics are tailored specifically to the monthly project, but they are free additions for your library.  Above is this months free project by Heidi Kori.  There are lots of free projects you can download to try with EQ Mini with the plus of some fabric files.

Stash Downloads (EQ Mini Add-ons for Purchase)

Finally, there are many Stash download files that are compatible with EQ Mini.  You can find them under EQ Mini Add-ons.  These Stash online downloads are published several times a year and contain hundreds of the newest fabrics.  There are files from top manufacturers like Andover, Art Gallery, Free Spirit, Hoffman, Moda, Northcott, Riley Blake, Robert kaufman, Rowan and Timeless Treasures to name a few.

Once you purchase them, they are available for immediate download.  Each Stash download has a complete listing of the Manufacturers and fabric lines included so you can choose your favorites to add to EQ Mini.

Limitations on Adding Fabrics to your Library

EQ Mini is just that, a mini version of the design software so it does not include the full features of EQ7.  You cannot import fabrics into EQ Mini from individual fabrics you have scanned or from jpgs or other picture files from manufacturers saved from the internet.  This is because EQ Mini will only handle fabric files that have been formatted with a .FAB or .BLK extension.

If you are ready to import scans of your own fabrics or pictures from manufacturers, don’t worry, you can always upgrade to the full blown EQ7 quilt design software.  EQ7 converts the fabric picture files to the .FAB format for you to use.

As you can see, there are many places to get free fabric download files and you can even purchase additional fabrics from the fabric Stash offerings.  I hope this help you to find just the fabrics to design that perfect project in EQ Mini.

For More information on:

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Upgrading from EQ Mini to EQ7


Questions or Feedback?

I hope you find these tips, tricks, and tutorials helpful and I welcome your questions and feedback.  Just share in the comments.   Thanks!

Lori J. Miller lives in Troy, Michigan, where she designs, stitches and sews quilts and quilty things. She loves experimenting with fun colors and designs to make playful and clever products for the modern stitcher.  Sewing since age 11, Lori has deep roots in sewing and quilting traditions that add a unique dimension to her designs.  She loves designing using Electric Quilt 7, Electric Quilt Mini and EQ Stitch.  You can follow her quilting adventures on her blog at lorimillerdesigns.com or on instagram @lorimillerdesigns

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In the Library and Project Sketchbook, you can view notecard information about each item. When there are several items, it’s often easier to scroll through and view each item’s notecard with the notecard always displayed. Open the Library or the Project Sketchbook. Click to select an item. Click the Notecard button. The notecard will display. Click, hold and drag the  button to move the notecard so you can see the Library or Sketchbook behind it. Release the mouse. Click the Pin button  to pin the notecard in place. Click on an item in the Library or Sketchbook. Continue to click on other items to view their notecard information. Or, use your keyboard arrow keys to scroll through and view the notecards quickly. We are here to help! If you have questions about this, or anything else please contact tech support.

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If you want to plan a quilt around a panel print, scan the panel and import it as a photo. You can then set this whole panel into a block space, and it won’t “tile” as fabric does. Import a scanned panel Have your panel scan saved somewhere where you can find it. In EQ7 click LIBRARIES > Photo Library. In the Library, click Import > From Image Files. Browse to where your scan is saved. Select it and choose Open. Click Add to Sketchbook. Set the scanned panel into your quilt Click the Set Photo tool. (If you don’t see it click the Customize Toolbar button. Then click Add/Remove Buttons and click on the Set Photo tool.) Select your panel in the palette. Click to set your panel into your quilt layout. Please note: If you have a Custom Set layout, Shift+drag the mouse on the quilt. Release the

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Use these steps to make the fabric swatches larger in the palette. On the Quilt worktable, click one of the coloring tools. On the Block worktable, click the Color tab, then click one of the coloring tools. The fabric palette will display. Hover the cursor over the left edge of the palette. A double-ended arrow will appear. Click, hold and drag your cursor to the left to enlarge the palette. Release the mouse. Repeat to pull the top or bottom of the palette larger as well.  

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Want a great idea to inspire children at Christmas?  Consider stitching linear designs with the embroidery machine and have the children paint in the design areas with fabric pens.  You could easily make a series of designs in a theme that your child loves (dolls, toys, trains, trucks, etc.).  You can use the artwork from the EQ7 libraries and bring them into EQStitch to use for the coloring pages of a special sewn book of coloring created just for them.  You could also use the stitch files all ready created in the EQStitch library.  It could not be any easier!  What a great keepsake item this would be for the special child in your life. Launch you program from the desktop  On the embroidery worktable, click on the drawing board options box to open it. Set the embroidery edge stitch to a ‘bean stitch’  with an edge stitch of 2.0

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