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Catching up with Heather Valentine

Posted 02-23-2021 by | Posted in: EQ Artists  

Although we’re fully into 2021, we’re touching base with the phenomenal Heather Valentine, from The Sewing Loft, who was our 2020 EQ Ambassador! Over the last 2 years, so even before she was our amazing Ambassador, Heather designed and published more than 75 picture-quilt blocks! Of course, all of them were designed in EQ8! Since these blocks have been so popular, she put together an All-Access Pass for the collection.

Jumping ahead

Since we can all agree that last year was not what anyone had planned, we’re going to look forward and find out what Heather has on the horizon for 2021!

Heather’s goal for this year is to get friendly with Mr. Roy G. Biv! No, we don’t need to alert her husband about another guy in her life ( ;-) ), but rather, she is working her way through her stash in color order (of the rainbow) to create beautiful quilts! Heather acknowledges that designing in EQ8 makes this a breeze. “I simply create my main design on the worktable and then add shade, texture, and dimension with the fabric tool. It really is so much fun to just play around in the program. The best part is seeing those wonderful drawings stitched into real life quilts with hundreds of scrappy bits from my stash!”

Read more about the EQ8 Color Tool Heather uses.

One way Heather plans to use up lots of her colorful stash is through a fun Mini Quilt SWAP. These swaps attract talented folks from all over the globe, so much so that the current swap is sold out! Luckily, Heather plans to have another swap in the late Spring, so visit her site often to stay in the loop!

Color Story Quilt

Speaking of colors, look at Heather’s lovely “Color Story” quilt!

Color Story, as designed in EQ8

Here is the finished quilt (that you can buy the pattern for)!

And, here it is again using a different colorway (which is super easy to change using EQ8)!

They’re both so pretty! Which one would you make?

Get a sneak peek at Heather’s newest design!

Heather’s current quilt is called Honey Pot. It’s not ready, or sewn, yet, but you can see the progress captured in EQ8!

Hopefully, this motivates everyone to visit Heather’s website often, so you can get the pattern when it’s available!

Heather certainly is busy, and EQ8 allows her to be more productive, as well as experimental, when deciding on the right color to choose from Mr. Roy G. Biv!

Thanks for letting us catch up with you, Heather! Wishing you a continued colorful year and thrilled that EQ8 is part of that design adventure!

EQ teams up with the Toledo Museum of Art

Posted 01-20-2021 by | Posted in: EQ Company News   Just Because  

As the song goes, “let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!” In early May 2020, when we were all working from home, EQ had a Zoom-staff meeting. Someone mentioned that the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA), about 20 miles north of EQ’s headquarters in Bowling Green, OH, was opening an exhibit in the fall featuring quilts. Being a native of Bowling Green (aka, BG), I reached out to Todd Ahrens, Director of Development for the museum, and also an active member of the BG community. I introduced myself, mentioned possible personal connections we have, and also suggested the potential for 2 great Ohio institutions to work together. Todd’s response was terrific and he was gung-ho to figure out how we could collaborate. A couple weeks later over Zoom, members of EQ and TMA met and talked about the exhibit, Radical Tradition: Amercian Quilts and Social

Coming Soon: Rock That Quilt Block add-on for EQ8!

Posted 08-03-2020 by | Posted in: New Products  

We are very excited to tell you about a brand-new product! We’ve partnered with EQ Artist, Linda J. Hahn, and her quilting-partner-in-crime, Deborah G. Stanley, to bring you EQ8 projects from their recent book release, Rock That Quilt Block! Both ladies have had many of their quilts published in national quilting magazines, and each designs for major fabric companies. We’re thrilled to be bringing their designs to EQ users in this new add-on for EQ8! Rock That Quilt Block is based on the Country Crown block and seeing what fun and different designs you can create using that block. The women do a combination of using the original block, breaking it up into smaller sections, rotating, changing colors, and sometimes adding sashing or other simple shapes, all in order to dazzle the eye with drastically varied quilts. Who knew so many awesome quilts could stem from one block? Linda and

2020 EQ Ambassador

Posted 01-31-2020 by | Posted in: EQ Artists  

We’re thrilled to announce and introduce our 2020 EQ Ambassador (drum roll please), Heather Valentine! Heather is a passionate teacher and inspiring quilt designer, and she creates all of her patterns using EQ8. Look for her to be featured in our newsletters, website, ads, and social media posts throughout the year. We’re excited to team up for a fantastic year! Meet Heather Valentine, the voice behind The Sewing Loft and Inspiring Stitches. Armed with a degree from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Heather spent the next 20 years working hand in hand with factories around the world. She developed new products, achieved the perfect fit and produced quality garments found in your closet today. Craving more artistic freedom, Heather stepped away from the garment industry to create The Sewing Loft, an online sewing community filled with enthusiasts of every skill level, from the small-business owner to the occasional stitcher. Her main

Q&A with Tiffany Hayes

Posted 08-09-2019 by | Posted in: Q&A  

Tiffany Hayes is an EQ8 user who has managed to combine a few of her loves; quilting, traveling, and being with her hubby! I’m jumping ahead, so let’s backtrack and learn a little more about Tiffany. EQ: Hi Tiffany and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us! Tell us about yourself. Tiffany: Hi! I live in Lancaster, CA – that’s out in the Mojave Desert. I have been married for 32 years to Scott. We have 3 grown kids who are all married and living both close and far from us. We have 2 grandsons as well. Scott and I love to travel and enjoy spending time together. Sounds kinda like a fairy tale, but it gets even better. Scott digitizes (my) quilt designs and then quilts them up! EQ: Wow, that is pretty great! How did you get into quilting? Tiffany: