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Coming Soon: Rock That Quilt Block add-on for EQ8!

Posted 08-03-2020 by | Posted in: New Products  

We are very excited to tell you about a brand-new product! We’ve partnered with EQ Artist, Linda J. Hahn, and her quilting-partner-in-crime, Deborah G. Stanley, to bring you EQ8 projects from their recent book release, Rock That Quilt Block! Both ladies have had many of their quilts published in national quilting magazines, and each designs for major fabric companies. We’re thrilled to be bringing their designs to EQ users in this new add-on for EQ8!

Rock That Quilt Block is based on the Country Crown block and seeing what fun and different designs you can create using that block. The women do a combination of using the original block, breaking it up into smaller sections, rotating, changing colors, and sometimes adding sashing or other simple shapes, all in order to dazzle the eye with drastically varied quilts. Who knew so many awesome quilts could stem from one block? Linda and Deborah did!

This add-on product includes 11 EQ8 projects and a fabric library. There is a project file for each of the 10 original quilts from the book and a bonus project which includes 4 other designs! There are lots of variations for each quilt giving you a total of 72 quilt designs! There’s also a fabric library which includes Linda’s Carnivale, a Ketan and Shadows by Banyan Batiks, and Miscellaneous Coordinates by Northcott collection! You can use the beautiful fabrics to color or recolor blocks and quilts in this add-on or any other EQ8 project!

Use the projects to print the patterns for Linda and Deborah’s quilts just as they designed them. Or, use the blocks, fabrics, and quilts as a jumping off point for your own designs! We can’t wait to see how you Rock That Quilt Block!  See more of the quilts and watch for the product to be released at Subscribe to EQ emails to be notified when this product is available! 

2020 EQ Ambassador

Posted 01-31-2020 by | Posted in: EQ Artists  

We’re thrilled to announce and introduce our 2020 EQ Ambassador (drum roll please), Heather Valentine! Heather is a passionate teacher and inspiring quilt designer, and she creates all of her patterns using EQ8. Look for her to be featured in our newsletters, website, ads, and social media posts throughout the year. We’re excited to team up for a fantastic year! Meet Heather Valentine, the voice behind The Sewing Loft and Inspiring Stitches. Armed with a degree from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Heather spent the next 20 years working hand in hand with factories around the world. She developed new products, achieved the perfect fit and produced quality garments found in your closet today. Craving more artistic freedom, Heather stepped away from the garment industry to create The Sewing Loft, an online sewing community filled with enthusiasts of every skill level, from the small-business owner to the occasional stitcher. Her main

Q&A with Tiffany Hayes

Posted 08-09-2019 by | Posted in: Q&A  

Tiffany Hayes is an EQ8 user who has managed to combine a few of her loves; quilting, traveling, and being with her hubby! I’m jumping ahead, so let’s backtrack and learn a little more about Tiffany. EQ: Hi Tiffany and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us! Tell us about yourself. Tiffany: Hi! I live in Lancaster, CA – that’s out in the Mojave Desert. I have been married for 32 years to Scott. We have 3 grown kids who are all married and living both close and far from us. We have 2 grandsons as well. Scott and I love to travel and enjoy spending time together. Sounds kinda like a fairy tale, but it gets even better. Scott digitizes (my) quilt designs and then quilts them up! EQ: Wow, that is pretty great! How did you get into quilting? Tiffany: