With so many stunning submissions, it wasn’t easy to choose, but following are the winners for the Electric Quilt + Quilts of Valor Foundation® (QOVF) event! To see why it was such a difficult decision, you can view all of the previous posts, including the glorious submissions here.

Overall Winner

“Race to the Stars” EQ design and finished quilt

The overall winner is Paco Rich with her perfectly patriotic “Race to the Stars” quilt, as seen above and in the February post!! Paco actually wrote a blog post on her own website about all of her QOV she’s made over the years which includes a pattern for this winning quilt! You can also see different pictures of the quilts she submitted in February, including veterans receiving their much-deserved gorgeous quilts, as part of her blog! Thank you Paco for supporting this incredible foundation and sharing your lovely work!

QOVF Winner

“Kaleidoscope #3″ EQ design and finished quilt

Christy Herzog’s “Kaleidoscope #3″ quilt is the QOVF’s selected winner! Christy submitted this and other spectacular quilts in the June post! As stated, Christy “wanted to try to make a kaleidoscope quilt using the stack and whack technique, and the ‘Choice Fabrics American Flag Collage’ print was the perfect fabric to use for my first attempt.” We’re glad you wanted to try, and what a success it is! Visit Christy’s website where you can contact her if you’re interested in a pattern for this amazing quilt! Thanks to Christy for your beautiful submissions and being part of this special event!

EQ Winner

“Bargello Flag” EQ design and finished quilt

EQ’s winner is Elizabeth Lane and her “Bargello Flag” quilt wihch she submitted in the inaugural post! Having worked for the Army for 33 years (thank you very much for your service, Elizabeth!), she “wanted a way to display her metals/awards she received.” Elizabeth initially designed the bargello flag as a wall hanging in 2021. The quilt was very popular at the Quilt Corner in Sparta, WI, where she teaches, and was soon asked to teach a class for it! While teaching a class in 2022, a friend asked for a patriotic/veteran quilt for a local museum to honor one of the friend’s relatives who served. Elizabeth modified the wall hanging into a lap quilt, and has since modified it to meet QOV guidelines. She is scheduling classes to teach the design! Not only does the flag design have movement, but the majestic quilt moves our heart! Thank you for adding such a magnificent design to the event!! (Comment on this blog post if you’d like to contact Elizabeth for this pattern.)

EQ + QOV Video

Get your “oohs” and “ahhhs” ready, then please watch and enjoy this video to see all of the amazing submissions! It can’t be said enough, thank you to everyone for sharing your gorgeous quilts!

Quilts of Valor Gallery

As mentioned in the previous post, so that people can continue sharing their QOV, we created a Quilts of Valor Gallery! Whenever you have a new QOV, or one that you didn’t get submitted to this event, please add it to the gallery so people can admire your efforts!

Submissions from this series will remain on the respective posts, but over the next few weeks they will also be copied and pasted to the new QOV Gallery.

Guild Products

We recently released two new offerings for guilds, groups, or gathering friends who are interested in EQ! We’d love to be able to visit and present to everyone in person, but there aren’t enough of us, and we haven’t figured out a way to be in 2 places at once! All joking aside, there’s a pre-recorded presentational video which gives a history of the company and our products, including a demo of EQ8! After that, if you want interaction with EQ staff, we offer a Virtual Q&A. Hope to “see” you soon!


Since this is the last post for this series, EQ would like to extend our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone for participating! Many thanks to Northcott Fabrics for supporting this collaboration and donating the prize-winning patriotic fabric (which can still be downloaded for free)! Thank you to the entire QOVF for being a delight to collaborate with on this event! And finally, thank you to all who have served and those who commemorate their service with love-filled quilts!!