EQ challenges you to: June: Red & White Nine Patches!

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June 2014 Challenge

(We’ve done Nine Patches and we’ve done Red & White before, but now I’m combining the two.)

In October, 2014, I’m giving a lecture at the Houston Quilt Festival titled, “40 Ways to Set a Nine Patch.” It’s intended to demonstrate many ways to design a quilt layout on the computer for the very simple 9-Patch block made up of 9 squares. Because it’s the 40th anniversary of this Festival, there will be celebrations there that will include exhibits of some red and white quilts. So I am doing all of my designs for the lecture in red and white scrapbag, though I will also have a few colorful quilts from my collection that have 9-Patch blocks.

The challenge is to be creative in designing something DIFFERENT with the 9-Patch block. You can skew it, tilt it, do some interesting layouts, or whatever to come up with something very different. You can pair the 9-Patch with other blocks or even merge the 9-Patch into another block. Make the quilt red and white, though you’re welcome to play with different varieties of reds (solids and fabrics).

With the permission of the designer, I would like to include some selected quilt designs in my slide show before I do a trunk show of some quilts I’ve made for the program. If your design is really different and works with the others I’ve created, I’d love to mention you as the designer when I show your design on the screen. No sewing required!

The usual rules apply.

- Barb Vlack