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Quick Tip Tuesday

Tool Tip Tuesday! – Display Dynamic Help

Posted 03-10-2015 by | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday Tool Tip Tuesday

Display Dynamic Help Use this tool to display the window, giving information on using buttons and tools. Since there are so many tools in EQ7, you’ll find that some tools get used much less frequently than others. You may also find that you need a quick reminder as to how a tool works. This help window is intended as that quick reference. 1. Click the Display Dynamic Help button. A yellow panel will display on the right of your screen. 2. Hover the mouse over a tool on a toolbar without clicking. The yellow panel will update with  information about that tool. 3. Move your mouse over any tool on any toolbar to read about that tool. 4. Click the Display Dynamic Help button again to turn off the help panel. For example, here is some of the information for the Set Photo tool.

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Grid Tool

Posted 02-24-2015 by | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday Tool Tip Tuesday

The Grid Tool The Grid tool lets you pull out a grid made up of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines. This is a fast and easy way to create a four patch or nine patch block. It is also useful to convert the grid lines to guides. Setting up the Grid To display the Grid Setup dialog, click on the small red square at the bottom-left corner of the Grid tool. Enter the number of columns and rows you want for the grid. You can type in the number or click the arrow keys to adjust the number. The maximum number allowed is 10 for both columns and rows. Click on the block where you want the grid to start. Hold down your mouse button and drag out the grid until it is the size you want. Remember that the number refers to the number of divisions and not

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Fussy Cut Tool and The Rotate Fabric Tool

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The Fussy Cut Tool The Fussy Cut tool allows you to move a fabric print around in a patch to better place the print image. This works best using fabrics with large objects, florals and stripes.     Using the Fussy Cut Tool: Click and hold the mouse on the fabric in your quilt or block. Drag your mouse to make the fabric move in the patch. When you’ve found the best location for the fabric, release the mouse. Click Add to Sketchbook to save the quilt and to save the block as a new coloring. The Fussy Cut tool is only available on Layers 1 and 2. The Rotate Fabric Tool The Rotate Fabric tool allows you to rotate fabric swatches in individual patches of your blocks or quilts. This is especially helpful for striped, pictorial and border prints. Using the Rotate Fabric Tool: Click the Rotate Fabric tool to

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Auto Borders Tool

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The Auto Borders Tool The Set Auto Borders tool allows you to choose predesigned border styles to use in your quilts. There are 13 styles in the Auto Borders palette for you to choose from. You may not see the Set Auto Borders   tool. If not, here is how to get it: 1. Click the Customize Toolbar    tool in the bottom, right hand corner of your screen. 2. Click Add/Remove Buttons… 3. Choose Set Auto Borders from the list. To Set Auto Borders on a Quilt: 1. Click the Set Auto Border  tool. 2. Select the style of border from the drop-down list. 3. Click on a border in the palette. 4. Click on the border on your quilt. 5. Click the Borders tab to adjust the size of the border. Here are a few examples. Click on each one for a larger view. Each time you click

Tool Tip Tuesday! – Symmetry Tool

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The Symmetry Tool Use this tool to try out various combinations of rotate and flip on all blocks on the quilt at once. 1. Use the Set Block tool to put blocks in all the spaces of your quilt. 2. Hold the keyboard CTRL key and click on any block on your quilt. 3. Continue to click to see variations. You can click up to 17 variations (the 17th variation is your original setting). Here are a few samples with a regular Log Cabin block. Tip: The Symmetry tool is available for all quilt layouts, but works best with Horizontal layout with no sashing. Try 4 blocks across by 4 blocks down. To see any change in your quilt, your blocks must not be the same on all four sides. The Symmetry tool is only available on Layer 1. For more variations hold the keyboard ALT key and click on

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