The Symmetry Tool

Use this tool to try out various combinations of rotate and flip on all blocks on the quilt at once.

1. Use the Set Block tool to put blocks in all the spaces of your quilt.

2. Hold the keyboard CTRL key and click on any block on your quilt.

3. Continue to click to see variations. You can click up to 17 variations (the 17th variation is your original setting).

Here are a few samples with a regular Log Cabin block.

Tip: The Symmetry tool is available for all quilt layouts, but works best with Horizontal layout with no sashing. Try 4 blocks across by 4 blocks down. To see any change in your quilt, your blocks must not be the same on all four sides.

The Symmetry tool is only available on Layer 1.

For more variations hold the keyboard ALT key and click on any block on your quilt. Every other block will rotate/flip.