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EQStitch Sunday Stitch #30

Posted 02-21-2016 by | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

Sometimes I need to clear my head and try not  to think of anything at the moment.  This is why adult coloring books are so popular.  The new Zentangle drawing process is another way of just enjoying drawing nothing in particular and creating something spectacular in the process. I often open my software program and choose a tool or two and just start doodling.  Adding to the shapes by using the wreathmaker (my favorite) tool and using the clone tool can start to create something special.  Using the other functions of flipping, rotating, re-sizing, and changing the background color all adds to the design.  Sometimes I am so satisfied with the doodling that I actually stop and stitch it out to use in a project down the road.  If I don’t have time to stitch it, I can always export the image and print it onto fabric to sew later.

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #29

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Ever notice there are not a lot of embroidery designs that are dedicated to boys/men?  Most are of pretty things like flowers.  Embroidered designs for males seem to be more text than pictures.  You can create your own series of designs for men and create a  library of designs for men in the EQStitch program. Open your EQStitch program. Click on the work on stitching worktable icon. Click on LIBRARIES>Stitching Libraries Click on the My Library Heading at the top of the Stitching Library box. Click on add library and then type in a new name for your library. Click on the OK to have the library added to your My Library . Click on the style 1 subheading and right click> modify style to change the name. Type in a new name for the style.   Click OK to set the new name for the style. I named mine

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #28

Posted 02-07-2016 by | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

It is unseasonably warm in British Columbia, Canada where I live.  We have very little snow or cold days.  To my surprise my Daffodils are all ready coming up!  I have decided to create a quick machine embroidery pattern that I can stitch onto quilted pot holders from my local dollar store. Open your EQStitch  program. Click on the stitch worktable icon at the top of the screen. Click on Libraries>Block Library a the top of the top of the screen. In the library box, click on the words  search> by note card. Type in the word Daffodil. My program showed several designs in the library with the word Daffodil listed. I scrolled to the end to find the linear drawing of a Daffodil. Click on the daffodil of your choice and add it to the sketchbook. Click on view sketchbook icon at the top of the screen. Locate the

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #27

Posted 01-31-2016 by | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

Designs are open to interpretation.  Any design can be stitched several different ways.  Start with a linear design and change it to meet the technique style you want to work in. Open your EQStitch to the embroidery stitch worktable. Create a design with your drawing tools or use some artwork from the built in libraries. I used a paint brush design from the built in Stitching Library. Digitize the design in different ways to see what style works best.  Maybe you are in the mood for a filled design or a red work design.  You get to decide how you will use the artwork and can vary your approach using the same design with different stitch applications.

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #26

Posted 01-24-2016 by | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

I love to learn new things.  I feel energized to try something new or different than my normal projects when I learn (attempt to learn) a new skill.   I know that  failing is a part of learning.  Even when I fail to produce something the way I wanted, I have learned what not to do the next time.  The one thing that keeps me from learning as much as I want to is  time.  With traveling so much to teach classes, I often don’t have the time to take classes.  This is where the internet helps me.  I can sign up for and download classes on the web so I can watch and listen to them when I am on the road teaching a class.  Often, when I am staying in hotels, I can begin to create my designs on the computer with the new skills I obtained through

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #25

Posted 01-17-2016 by | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

There is more than one way to accomplish something.  This is especially true with digitizing.  You can approach a design in so many different ways utilizing different tools and techniques to come up with the same results.  One way to demonstrate this is with a mathematical equation.  How many ways can you describe the number ’4′?  Use your text tool to demonstrate how you would come up with the number ’4′. Click on the embroidery work table to select it.  Make sure you are on the embroidery worktable. In the drawing board options box, set the hoop size to 200 x 200 (8 inches) and turn off the edge stitches and select a smooth fill stitch.  Be sure to click the OK in the bottom of the box to set the new properties. Click on the text tool to select it. Move the cursor over to the hoop area and

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #24

Posted 01-10-2016 by | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

Some very simple variations in a design can create a totally different feeling or expression of your stitch designs.  Color of threads and stitch types can very quickly change a design.  Take a simple shape and try it with different edge stitches, no edges, fill stitches and color changes.  You will be surprised how easily it is to change the look of design. Be careful how you choose color and edges.  Some will make a design look elegant and simplistic while other choices may make the design look more like a cartoon or kids coloring book design.

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