It is unseasonably warm in British Columbia, Canada where I live.  We have very little snow or cold days.  To my surprise my Daffodils are all ready coming up!  I have decided to create a quick machine embroidery pattern that I can stitch onto quilted pot holders from my local dollar store.

Open your EQStitch  program.

Click on the stitch worktable icon at the top of the screen.

Click on Libraries>Block Library a the top of the top of the screen.

In the library box, click on the words  search> by note card.

Type in the word Daffodil.

My program showed several designs in the library with the word Daffodil listed.

I scrolled to the end to find the linear drawing of a Daffodil.

Click on the daffodil of your choice and add it to the sketchbook.

Click on view sketchbook icon at the top of the screen.

Locate the Daffodil and click on the word edit in the bottom of the box.

The Daffodil will open on the worktable it was created on.

Click on EDIT>Select All then click on EDIT>Copy.


Click on the work on stitching worktable icon.

Move the cursor over to the drawing area and RIGHT Click>Paste.

Center the design by clicking on the center selected segments icon at the top of the screen.

Click on the stitch tab at the bottom of the screen and apply the stitch properties of your choice.