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Heidi Finds

EQ’s own Heidi Kory finds the best ideas on the web and puts an EQ spin on it.

Your Quilting Legacy

Posted 11-14-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

  Do you ever think about how many things you make? If someone asked me I would say I don’t make too many things, currently. However, when I REALLY think about it, I’ve made two Halloween costumes (Luke Skywalker as x-wing pilot, and Princess Leia) and an infinity scarf in the last month. Still, no big deal. But even if you just make a few things here and there when you think about how many things you’ve made in you lifetime…wow. Brandy at Gluesticks recently made a book for her Grandma of all her old sewing projects. The book ended up being 275 pages. Phylameana lila Desy made a scrapbook for her mother with a similar theme. I wish I had enough photos of my grandma’s, or my mom’s, projects to make a book like that…Even photos of my own projects would be a good start! If you’re not already,

EQ7 for the Kids

Posted 11-05-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Here in Northwest Ohio it’s been a little  cold lately…and it’s just going to get so much colder. Every year at  about this time, I start thinking about ways to keep kids busy inside all winter. Do you think EQ can help with this? Oh, of course it can! One idea for cold weather, or whenever, is quiet books. They are usually designed to keep little ones quiet and busy in church, the car, waiting at a restaurant, wherever. This book is very cute with it’s cut out felt shapes. You could do something similar using patterns in EQ7. For example if you check out Library > Block Library > 08 Overlaid > Embellished Alphabet, those blocks would be great for an alphabet quiet book. You could print the templates out from EQ7 and cut them out out felt…or of course, regular quilting fabric would be cute too. Jenny made

Fabric Business Cards

Posted 10-24-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Here at EQ central we are all rushing around getting ready to go to Houston for The International Quilt Festival (and Market). I’m sure some of you are going as well. What would be more suited for this huge quilt show than…fabric business cards?!? • You could use your EQ Printable fabrics to print your information then sew it to cardstock, or more fabric or, fusible web. So many possibilities  to make something really different and personal. • Or use EQ Peel & Stick Fabric. It comes with backing to feed through your printer, but you could just leave the backing on. That way the front would be fabric but it would be thick enough to use as a business card. An added bonus is that once give it out to someone they would be able to keep it as a business card or remove the backing themselves and use

Home Decorating with EQ7

Posted 10-16-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Have you seen people sticking fabric to walls? Looks fun! Here are some quick instructions on how to do it from Jessica Jones at How About Orange. Now for some ideas and inspiration: Patchwork wallpaper! Who doesn’t have scrap laying around that they’d love to see displayed everyday (or until they are in the mood for a change)? You could use EQ7 to design a scrappy wall. You could put in the wall’s dimensions. Be sure to include windows, doorways, trim and anything else you want to plan around. Also, search Pinterest for “patchwork wall” for all kinds of cuteness. You can use EQ7 to figure out yardage for an oddly shaped wall. It would be especially helpful if you scan your fabric in, then you can use the Fussy Cut tool to see how the pattern will match up. And, of course, you can use all of the designs

Designs for EQ Printables

Posted 10-03-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Have you ever searched the internet for free printables? One site, has a list of 101 free ones! It will definitely get your creativity flowing! You could use this design with EQ Printables and make a cute bag. These labels are very cool. Form + function. You could use them with EQ Peel & Stick Fabric and put them anywhere (and everywhere)! These would be perfect to use with EQ Peel & Stick to attach to all your homemade gifts (especially at Christmas, which will be here again before you know it) or any handmade products that you sell. I love this vintage-looking sheet music. It would be great to add to any sewing project (with EQ Printables) or craft project (with EQ Peel & Stick). Place mats! Print them right onto EQ Printable Fabrics! What a fun idea. This adorable doll bed

Easy Chevron Quilts

Posted 09-25-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Have you noticed that suddenly chevrons are everywhere? This trend can be very easily be made into a quilt! There are so many color scheme possibilities, it’s a fun pattern to play around with.  Here are a few examples: This-n-that; a little crafting Sew It Pretty by Krista Shaffer Chevron Mendocino Quilt by “Marmy” A half-square triangle is the only block you need. What great first quilt for a beginner quilter…or a great gift to make for a younger recipient. Pick a few favorite colors, or a lot. Either way, it looks great. With EQ7 you can use the Random Recolor  Tool and with a click of the mouse the quilt above turns into color combinations you may not have thought of otherwise. Like these: A gradient chevron quilt could be a very cute and modern baby quilt. In EQ7, to make a gradient, click the Colors Tab. Choose a

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