Here at EQ central we are all rushing around getting ready to go to Houston for The International Quilt Festival (and Market). I’m sure some of you are going as well. What would be more suited for this huge quilt show than…fabric business cards?!?

• You could use your EQ Printable fabrics to print your information then sew it to cardstock, or more fabric or, fusible web. So many possibilities  to make something really different and personal.
• Or use EQ Peel & Stick Fabric. It comes with backing to feed through your printer, but you could just leave the backing on. That way the front would be fabric but it would be thick enough to use as a business card. An added bonus is that once give it out to someone they would be able to keep it as a business card or remove the backing themselves and use it as a sticker.

• You could also use EQ Peel & Stick to add fabric embellishments to a regular cardstock business card.

A fabric business card would be great if you…own a quilt store, design fabric, design patterns, have an Etsy shop, basically anything where you are trying to sell something that has anything to do with fabric.

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to