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Heidi Finds

EQ’s own Heidi Kory finds the best ideas on the web and puts an EQ spin on it.

Holiday Cookie Place Cards (or just treat bags!)

Posted 12-23-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds Uncategorized

You can use these cute little bags as a place card at your holiday dinner or, just as a treat bag. Download the project here. I drew a very basic shape for the “envelope”. I tried printing it out a few times and figured out that for a good cookie-sized envelope, you can fit two to a page, horizontally. To add some designs I picked some blocks from Library > Block Library > 05 Contemporary Applique > Holiday or Christmas. If you put one of the blocks, as is, on Layer 2, it won’t look right.   Open the block you want on the Block Worktable. Click the Applique Tab. Select all. Copy. Block > New Block > PatchDraw Motif. Paste. Center  the drawing if you need to. Save it in your Sketchbook. You will now have a new block show under the Motifs Tab in the Sketchbook. Place your

Holiday gift idea – Fabric gift bags

Posted 12-20-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

You may be thinking that it’s too late to start making a new gift. You’re running out of time and you’ve got so much wrapping to do…Well! Look at all these adorable fabric (reusable) gift bags you could make! This site has a lot of similar bags. All simple, cute and perfect for EQ Printables!   You can download a free Recycle symbol EQ7 block here. Modern and easy! Print out a favorite EQ block on piece of EQ Printable Fabric. How about the Free Downloadable Winter Blocks? These bags have recipes printed on them. Cute! It would also be great to print some song lyrics, pages of a favorite book, the story of Santa Claus…lots and lots of possibilities. Kids’ artwork scanned it and printed out on EQ Printables. A perfect gift for the parent, grandparent, or the child. Trace a child’s actual hands. Sweet and simple! You could

Holiday gift idea – Cone Trees

Posted 12-17-2012 by | Posted in: Downloads Heidi Finds

Another easy holiday gift is fabric cone trees. Or, they don’t have to be a gift, make them for yourself! You can download an EQ7 pattern here. It is currently 8.5 x 12 but obviously, you can make it any size you want. If you want to make the circle base you need to keep it relative to the size you make the cone shape.Of course, you can design something in EQ7 and print it out on EQ Printables. However, a 8.5 x 11 fabric sheet makes a somewhat small tree. Another option is to make a cone tree out of regular fabric and then “decorate” it with photos, and other “ornaments” made from EQ Peel and Stick which would be adorable along with buttons, lace, ribbons, felt, ric-rac or whatever else you like! If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to

Holiday gift idea – Printable Fabric Dolls

Posted 12-14-2012 by | Posted in: Downloads Heidi Finds

The internet has such a wide range of ideas and styles in making dolls from printable fabric. Here are some examples I thought were interesting.         You can find files online that are free and ready to print. Like, this bear and Lollipop girl.     Printing out a picture of a beloved pet on EQ Printables is a quick, easy and unforgettable gift.     Also a great idea with a member of the family or loved one. Perhaps someone that isn’t close by. This robot is adorable. But, of course, you could take any EQ7 block and print it right onto fabric. And, you could make the helmet your favorite team’s colors (and add text) or make the giraffe turquoise before you print the block out.     For a dollhouse, you could make a family of dolls. Each personalized to the person they are

Holiday gift idea – Photo Ornaments

Posted 12-11-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Cute Holiday gift—Ornaments made with EQ Printables!     You can design them in EQ7, of course! One way to do it is to pick (or draw) a block in EQ7. For this project, it’s easiest to import your picture as a fabric. Click Libraries > Fabric Library > Import button > From Image Files > locate your photo > Add to Sketchbook > Close. Click the Paintbrush tool and your photo will be at the end of your fabrics. Another option is to make a quilt with 12 squares. Then add a photo for each month of the previous year. Print the whole quilt on a sheet of EQ Printables It would be even cuter embellished with buttons, felt, ribbons, beads, bows, or lace. But, don’t forget you can add text in EQ7 too. First, I added a top border. Then, to add text make sure you are on

Holiday gift idea – Silhouette Crafts

Posted 12-05-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

We’re going to keep giving you holiday craft ideas! Here’s one with lots of possible variations. Use EQ to draw a silhouette! Actually, when we were making EQ6 we drew a lot of silhouettes and added them to the program. (Go to: Library > Block Library > EQ Libraries > EQ7 Libraries > 04 Classic Applique > Silhouette – Cameos > the fifth block is me!) So, EQ does have silhouettes already available if you’d like to use those. Look at all these great projects you can make! But, if you’d like to draw your own silhouette, EQ makes it pretty easy. Get a picture of your son, your dog, whoever, from the side. Import the photo into EQ7′s Block Worktable. (Worktable > Work on Block > Block > New block > EasyDraw + PatchDraw > Tracing Image tab > Import Image button) Now click the Applique tab. Let’s start

Holiday gift idea – Embroidery Hoop Photo Wreath

Posted 11-27-2012 by | Posted in: Heidi Finds

Have you started making any holiday gifts yet? I recently noticed this wreath on Pinterest. At first, I thought it was made with embroidery hoops. It isn’t. But, why not? What a cute gift idea! You could printout photos on EQ Printables and cut them to fit into the hoops. Then join the hoops together. (Click the spider wreath to see some directions from Sarah at You could embellish the photos with ribbons, lace, buttons, embroidery thread, felt or any holiday-themed trinkets. If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to

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