We’re going to keep giving you holiday craft ideas! Here’s one with lots of possible variations. Use EQ to draw a silhouette!
Actually, when we were making EQ6 we drew a lot of silhouettes and added them to the program. (Go to: Library > Block Library > EQ Libraries > EQ7 Libraries > 04 Classic Applique > Silhouette – Cameos > the fifth block is me!) So, EQ does have silhouettes already available if you’d like to use those. Look at all these great projects you can make!
But, if you’d like to draw your own silhouette, EQ makes it pretty easy. Get a picture of your son, your dog, whoever, from the side.
Import the photo into EQ7′s Block Worktable. (Worktable > Work on Block > Block > New block > EasyDraw + PatchDraw > Tracing Image tab > Import Image button)
Now click the Applique tab.
Let’s start drawing! First use the Freehand tool to draw a rough shape.
Then, using the Shape  tool and the Edit Object tools (shown below), you can work on perfecting your silhouette.
(Edit Object tools are explained here, as well as in the EQ7 Help, of course). However, you don’t have to know, or use, them all (I only used three), but if you’d like to become more familiar with these tools, this is a fun and easy project to help you do that.
When you are done drawing, make sure your ends are joined.
Click the Color tab and color it black, or however you wish.
You can then print it out on EQ Printables and make pillows, table linens, ornaments, or whatever! Or, you could always just print it out on paper and frame it!

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to Heidi@electricquilt.com.