Wee Share is a really cute and informative website for families. Run by three intelligent women, Angela, Desiree, and Rachael. They investigate, test, and review family friendly products. Wouldn’t you know, EQ7 made their list and their review was just posted!

Angela talks about wanting a tool that allowed her to more efficiently design quilts. She writes, “I used graphing paper to start my sketches and then eventually transferred them to a plain white sheet of paper… If I ever decided I did not like an element of the quilt I had designed… I would have to start completely over on all my sketches and calculations. I really wanted the freedom to be able to design intricate and beautiful quilts quickly, efficiently, and with real “vision” of what the quilt would end up looking like.”

Angela did her research and decided that EQ7 was the best tool for her need. After learning the program and creating some beautiful designs Angela writes, ” This software is SO beneficial for creating quilts… The design options are ENDLESS with this software.”

“JOY”; One of the first quilts Angela designed in EQ7.

Read the complete EQ7 review on the Wee Share website. Then, at the bottom of their review you’ll have the chance to enter to win an EQ7 from Wee Share!

T-Shirt Quilt designed in EQ7 by Angela.