You may be thinking that it’s too late to start making a new gift. You’re running out of time and you’ve got so much wrapping to do…Well! Look at all these adorable fabric (reusable) gift bags you could make!

This site has a lot of similar bags. All simple, cute and perfect for EQ Printables!


You can download a free Recycle symbol EQ7 block here.

Modern and easy! Print out a favorite EQ block on piece of EQ Printable Fabric. How about the Free Downloadable Winter Blocks?
These bags have recipes printed on them. Cute! It would also be great to print some song lyrics, pages of a favorite book, the story of Santa Claus…lots and lots of possibilities.
Kids’ artwork scanned it and printed out on EQ Printables. A perfect gift for the parent, grandparent, or the child.
Trace a child’s actual hands. Sweet and simple!

You could also use EQ Peel & Stick to embellish a fabric bag. Along with ribbons, lace, bows, felt, bead…the only problems is, they may end up being too cute to give away!

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to