You can use these cute little bags as a place card at your holiday dinner or, just as a treat bag.
Download the project here.
I drew a very basic shape for the “envelope”. I tried printing it out a few times and figured out that for a good cookie-sized envelope, you can fit two to a page, horizontally.
To add some designs I picked some blocks from Library > Block Library > 05 Contemporary Applique > Holiday or Christmas. If you put one of the blocks, as is, on Layer 2, it won’t look right.
Open the block you want on the Block Worktable. Click the Applique Tab. Select all. Copy. Block > New Block > PatchDraw Motif. Paste. Center  the drawing if you need to. Save it in your Sketchbook. You will now have a new block show under the Motifs Tab in the Sketchbook. Place your new motif on Layer 2. You will probably have to rotate it.
To print click Print > Print Quilt. Here is what the Print Preview should look like.
 To make the name tag part of the bag, I figured out that you could print four to one sheet of paper. So, I made my quilt 2 x 2. I then drew a block with a line down the center.  CTRL + click to get the block in all four of the squares. I then rotated the blocks and used the Set Applique Text tool to write in names. You’ll have to rotate the names, as well. I made the back of my name tags a solid color, since you won’t see them much.
When you are ready to print click Print > Print Quilt. Your preview should look similar.
Once  you have all your pieces printed out, cut all the shapes out (don’t cut the back of the name tag off of the front, though). Then, it’s time to assemble. Fold the envelope printouts in half, so that it looks like this.
 Staple (or glue, or stitch)  the sides as needed. Put your cookies or treats in a plastic bag. Place the cookie bag in the envelope. Fold the name tag in half and staple it to the top of the bag.