The internet has such a wide range of ideas and styles in making dolls from printable fabric. Here are some examples I thought were interesting.





You can find files online that are free and ready to print. Like, this bear and Lollipop girl.



Printing out a picture of a beloved pet on EQ Printables is a quick, easy and unforgettable gift.



Also a great idea with a member of the family or loved one. Perhaps someone that isn’t close by.

This robot is adorable. But, of course, you could take any EQ7 block and print it right onto fabric.

And, you could make the helmet your favorite team’s colors (and add text) or make the giraffe turquoise before you print the block out.


For a dollhouse, you could make a family of dolls. Each personalized to the person they are supposed to represent.

I was inspired by the pink haired doll and drew my own characters in EQ7. Without drawing anything you could change their outfits, hair, skin and eye color. With a little bit of drawing you can change hair styles, add accessories, whatever you’d like to do.

(You can download the project here.)



You could combine techniques with a drawn body and a photo for the head. Pretty quirky but I think kids would enjoy it.




Or, instead of making them dolls you could make puppets.

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to