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I started working at Electric Quilt as a graphic design intern back in 2001 and stayed on after I graduated from college. I’ve worn many different hats here over the years, and in the process I caught the quilting bug. You can only see so many beautiful quilts before you want to try making one yourself!

My first adventure in sewing was an ill-fitting pair of shorts made for a 4-H project when I was kid. I didn’t really touch a sewing machine again until I was in college and started working here at EQ. I “borrowed” my mom’s old Kenmore sewing machine back then and she hasn’t seen it since!

My quilt designs have been published in The Quilter, Quilts & More, and Fat Quarterly. In a few months you can even watch me in a Quilting Arts TV episode! I can also be found blogging here: Jenny Makes Stuff

My Job Behind the Mouse

I’ll be hosting the BlockBase Sew Along, which I’m really excited about! I’ll also be bringing you project ideas and tutorials. Just anything EQ!

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  1. Jenny
    9:51 am

    On EQ7 Block Challenge Featuring: Moda Fabrics

    Sorry! We were a little delayed in getting the post up on the blog. It’s up now and you can enter your block here:

    Best wishes,
    Jenny @ EQ

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    Yes, I am waiting for that link to get posted today as well. My block is ready!
  2. Jenny
    9:57 am

    On Start Digitizing with EQStitch

    Hi Patricia,
    So glad you’re enjoying EQ7 for Mac! At this time, we do not have plans for an EQStitch for Mac product.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny @ EQ

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    Love my EQ7 and love the idea of EQStitch... but... I'm using MAC/OS - and yes I did a yipee and pounced when EQ7 became available for the Mac and have been happily using it ever since :-) Is there a plan to make EQStitch available on the Mac?
  3. Jenny
    1:11 pm

    On Jenny’s Leaf quilt & 100+ free projects!

    Thanks Linda! It was a tad windy for pictures that day, but looks great with the quilt! :)

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    That is really attractive, especially against that gray-looking autumn sky! Congratulations!



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  1. Christine
    2:45 pm

    On EQ Academy!

    So glad you enjoyed EQ Academy Sylvia! Thanks so much for the wonderful blog post :)

  2. Christine
    11:29 am

    On 2-Week Block Design Challenge for Everyone!

    Hi Silvia, thanks for participating – so glad you enjoyed the challenge! The 2 winners will be announced Friday, March 13th!

    In reply to…

    This was a fun challenge. I used EQ7 - which I just got about three weeks ago.. still learning the ins and outs. I thought the bunting flags would work well with the Fiesta theme. Thanks for the opportunity! When will we know the results?
  3. Christine
    9:42 am

    On We love our EQ retailers!

    Thanks for pointing that out Tina. I corrected it.

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    I just wanted to let you know that Sager Creek Quilts is in Arkansas, not Arizona.


I remember my mom asking me if we wanted to take a one week quilting class. Without really thinking too much about it, I said yes. The morning of the first class I got there early and I was trying to picture a final product. A knitted afghan was probably as close as I got before I walked in and saw all the fabric, then it started to click. I loved picking out all the fabrics and seeing how rotating and moving blocks could change a design so dramatically. I ended up taking the class every summer I was age eligible.

My mom would always chat with the owners of the shop the class was offered at, The Quilt Foundry. One of the owners, Margaret, mentioned that she also worked for a company that made quilting software (Electric Quilt!). Over 10 years later, after I graduated from college with a graphic design major (and a minor in fiber arts I thought I’d never use), my mom somehow remembered that mention of a quilting software company and suggested I apply there. Now I’ve been happily working here almost 10 years.

My Job Behind the Mouse

I’ll be searching out cute things online (and elsewhere) and turning them into Electric Quilt projects. Sometimes they will be quilts, sometimes projects with printable fabrics. Hopefully, they always spark your creativity and leave you some inspiration for future projects.

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  1. Heidi
    9:10 am

    On EQ7 user Carol Steely is featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts Magazine!

    I updated the link, thank you!

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    Here is the correct link to Carol's guild website and their Bright Hopes project. Congratulations to Carol.
  2. Heidi
    2:24 pm

    On Tool Tip Tuesday! – Display Dynamic Help

    Thanks Jennifer! You too :)

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    Thank you! I can always use a little help. Have a super day!
  3. Heidi
    9:12 am

    On Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Grid Tool

    Hi Chris,
    MOST Tuesday there will be a tip, but there was not one for March 3rd. I hope you like them.

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    Heidi, Will yo be publishing a tool-tip every Tuesday? I so; where is the tip for March 3rd? Thank you.


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  1. Sara
    11:18 am

    On Save on Karen K. Stone Products!

    Hi Jacky. We 100% agree with you that it’s terrible that EU customers cannot buy downloads. We truly wish we could continue to offer all our products to everyone. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for us to provide this option because of the new VAT policy. We continue to look for solutions around it, but at this time we have not found any that will work with our system. We simply do not have the resources to create a quick solution like the larger companies have (we are a very small company of 11 employees). We hope to have a solution soon.

    In reply to…

    I think it's terrible we in Europe can't buy downloads anymore especially since EQ software costs a lot to start with. I want to keep up to date with new products and offers. Surely you as a big company can find a way around it as I believe others have, or if not, put it on a CD and charge minimum postage to the EU. Jacky Norman
  2. Sara
    9:16 am

    On My EQ Boutique is Moving!

    You need to create a new account at All Boutique patterns are not only available from EQ.

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    Hi Do I have to create a new account at Electric quilt - or login with my EQB details. Confused!
  3. Sara
    9:17 am

    On Over 4,000 Historic Quilt Blocks

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a Mac version of BlockBase in the works at this time. If you have access to a Windows computer (friend/work computer), you can install BlockBase on a Windows computer, then bring the block files to your Mac to use within EQ7. You can follow the instructions here: Linking BlockBase to EQ7 for Mac.

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    Any Mac program on the horizon?