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User Spotlight: Sue Gruber

Posted 05-20-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Sue Gruber is a wonderful quiltmaker and photographer from Bowling Green, Ohio. Today she shares with us one of her beautiful bird quilts made using EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets. Here’s what Sue says about her quilt: “The bird is a white ibis. I took the photo in Crystal River, Florida. The picture was edited using Photoshop, then imported into EQ. I set the photo into a one block quilt of the exact size I want to print it. Then I printed the photo from EQ, which lets me set the size of the fabric sheets and landscape or portrait layout. EQ tiles the photo for printing, including stitching lines to sew the fabric sheets together. This was printed on the 13″ x 19″ Regular Cotton Fabric Sheets on my Epson printer. These sheets have a very soft hand after printing, I have used them in many projects with good

Lynda DeTray’s EQ7 quilt is a winner!

Posted 05-06-2013 by | Posted in: EQ Software Tips User Spotlight

One of our users, Lynda DeTray, says,“I’ve just returned from the Sauder Village Quilt Show here in Ohio and was thrilled to see that my quilt, Diamonds & Rust, won third place in the Large Wall Quilt/Machine Quilted division. I originally created the quilt in EQ7 as a finalist in the 2012 McCall’s Quilt Design Star contest. I love using EQ7 to design; it’s so versatile and allows me to manipulate different elements of the quilt until I’m satisfied with both the design and the ease with which I can piece the design. (I had written a blog post about my design process here  and check out  here for a photo of my winning quilt. I also want to share a tip for using EQ. I’ve created a lot of designs in EQ, some that I’ve made and many that I haven’t gotten to yet. I had enough designs where

Desert Daze by Deb Crine in Machine Quilting Unlimited

Posted 05-03-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press User Spotlight

EQ user, Deb Crine was featured in the May/June issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. Her quilt, Desert Daze, is also featured on our main page. You can visit her website to see more. Her work is colorful, modern and pretty amazing! Congrats to Deb on being featured!

Cheerful Spring Photo Quilt from Janet Quam

Posted 04-27-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Spring is in the air! We are loving these cheerful photos in a quilt by Janet Quam. She writes: “Here is a quilt I designed in EQ7 and made using my photos printed on EQ Printables Cotton Satin Inkjet Fabric Sheets.  The tulips in Skagit Valley are out and beautiful this month.” ~ Janet Quam View Janet’s quilt in the EQ Quilt Gallery and don’t forget to leave her a comment! Shop EQ Printables Fabric Sheets

EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop on

Posted 04-25-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight is hosting a blog hop and it’s on it’s fourth day. There are some adorable blocks here! If you aren’t already in on the fun, please sign up or go check out these cute Appliqué Animals. Get inspired!

Using EQ for T-shirt Quilts

Posted 04-24-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Cindi Allen from says… “I thought you’d like to see how I love using EQ. I make a LOT of t-shirt quilts, and like giving my customers a hint of what their quilt may look like when it’s finished, and to show them how different fabrics can affect the look of the quilt. I’m slowly – but surely – learning EQ, but I’ve become quite adept using it for my T-shirt quilts. And customers love having different looks to choose from. It certainly saves me time, and gives the customer confidence in what they’re getting! I did a blog post on it here. Thanks so much for making a GREAT product that I (and my customers!) can rely on!!!” She also has a great tutorial on making t-shirt quilts here. Great job, Cindi. Thanks for sharing!

Prize Winning Quilt from Serena Vrnak

Posted 04-16-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

We always love hearing from EQ users who have won with their EQ designed quilts. We are always impressed with what you are able to do with EQ7  and then amazed at how you bring a virtual quilt to life with stunning execution. It’s never a surprise to us that so many of you are recognized for your designs and talent. This time, we congratulate Serena Vrnak on her win in the Master Division Large Pieced category at the Dallas, Texas quilt show. Serena writes: “This may be the wrong place to acknowledge how pleased I am with EQ7 but, it helped me win 3rd place in the Master Division Large Pieced category in the Dallas, Tx. quilt show. I first acquired EQ7 a year ago to take me from graph paper. I was truly surprised with how many designs I could produce with just one block. I am a fan of EQ7.” ~ Serena Vrnak,

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