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User Spotlight: Werner Taesler

Posted 07-02-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Werner was the founder/editor of the Patchwork Magazine in Germany, and spent 12 years of PR, Marketing and Design at Westfalenstoffe, after “early retirement” from GE. He published his first Foundation Piecing Patterns in 1995, using Publisher. EQ5 was a breakthrough for him and he used it with growing interest. He writes, “with EQ6 and EQ7 I discover new design techniques with every new pattern. I like it so much that I decided to write down my experience and share it with users. See my lessons and I hope you may also learn more.”   Not only does he have EQ lessons he is also offering a free project you can download here.               It’s adorable! I especially love the flowers! Thanks, Werner!

Virtual Quilter Part 3: Playing with Blocks

Posted 06-27-2013 by | Posted in: Lesson Spotlight

Judy Butcher (aka the Virtual Quilter) continues her series on the Do You EQ Blog! Part 1: Click here to see  how I carefully, rather randomly, selected the blocks. Part 2: Click here to see how I selected the fabrics and added them to the blocks. Here, and now, you can see how I start designing quilts with the blocks. I start with a simple, straight setting with minimal spaces for blocks… usually 3 x 3. I add simple, basic borders, just solid strips of fabrics used in the blocks. This is one of the many things I love about Electric Quilt. As soon as I add blocks the design looks finished. I may want to change the blocks, and make the borders much more elaborate, but I start to get a feel for the finished design as soon as the first blocks are added. If it looks like a

User Spotlight: Peggi at

Posted 06-26-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

One of our users, Peggi at has been busy with her EQ7. In one blog post, What was I thinking, Part 2, Peggi talks about how she made one block she really liked, then used EQ to try out different layouts for her beloved block. In another post, Using EQ7 to Make Scallops, she shows, with photos, how she used EQ7 to customize scallops exactly the way she wanted them for her quilt. Very helpful if you are interested in this topic. The quilts look great! Thanks, Peggi, for sending us your blog!

Yvonne Menear the EQStitch whiz

Posted 06-24-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Yvonne Menear  is an educator, speaker, and author. She wrote EQ with Me: Learning EQStitch and posts video lessons on youtube about it (they are great, you should be watching these!). She will answer your EQStitch questions on the EQ Forum. Yvonne has also started an EQStitch Yahoo discussion group, AND she will teach 3 hands-on classes in Houston during International Quilt Festival. (View the class listing.) WOW. Recently Janome wrote a post about her, that shows off her wonderful embroidery. You can read it here. For more information about Yvonne you can also check out her website Thanks to Yvonne for all the help with teaching people about EQStitch!

Free EQStich Alphabet from Sindy Rodenmayer

Posted 06-18-2013 by | Posted in: Downloads User Spotlight

One of our users, Sindy Rodenmayer, has kindly offered to share her hand-drawn EQStich alphabet. Download it here. (Only availbale for EQStitch.) Sindy has a great website full of patterns drawn with Electric Quilt. Check it out! She also has 27 applique pattern collections on My EQ Boutique. Thanks for your letters, Sindy! Your work is adorable!

Art quilts with EQ Printables

Posted 05-29-2013 by | Posted in: Printable Fabric Gallery User Spotlight

Judy Momenzadeh and Michaele Shapiro (also known as Mo and Mike) are award winning art quilters who like to use digital images in their art. Of course they use EQ Printables.  They have a great Etsy shop where they sell kits to make photo quilts. Check it out here!

Claire Haillot shares tips for panel quilts

Posted 05-24-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

One of our users, Claire Haillot, has been using EQ7 to make panel quilts. She even gives seminars on the subject! Claire points out that one key to designing panel quilts with EQ7 is using the photo library to keep big fabric to size. Claire says… “Trick to design with panels : Use JPEG format of the panel and import the file as a photo. Using the Set Photo tool, you will be able to set the photo onto layer 2 (I always keep the layer 1 for fabric only but if you just want to see the design, and not calculate yardage, you can set on layer 1) FOR RUNNING BORDERS This portion needs to be done through a photo software (I use Picasa3) Rotate the picture so that you have it as it would be in your border (horizontal straight, horizontal upside down, vertical to the left, vertical to

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