One of our very smart users, Jodie Witherell, recently emailed us with a great idea.

Jodie used Sulky Soluble Stabilizer Fabri-Solvy to get her quilting stencil onto her quilt.

Here is what she did:

Jodie designed her quilt in EQ7. She used an eagle block from EQ7 as a stencil, simply by putting it on Layer 3 of the quilt.

Did you know any block you place on Layer 3 of your quilt will show up as a stencil?

  (Sometimes it’s better to turn the block into a motif for Layer 2 or 3. To do this you would open the block to the block worktable. Next, Select All > Copy. Then click Block > New Block > PatchDraw Motif > Paste > Add to Sketchbook. It will be on the Motifs tab of the Block palette.)

After Jodie had her eagle just the way just wanted it, she printed it on the Sulky Soluble Stabilizer Fabri-Solvy. The Solvy runs right through your printer, just like a piece of regular paper would.

Jodie peeled the back of the Solvy off and stuck the adhesive side onto her quilt.

Jodie had the eagle quilted by Debra Staley and then gave her quilt a wash.

Jodie did a wonderful job! The quilt is named, “Time on Whidbey Island” and it was a gift for Jodie’s neighbors, Tom and Jean. Lucky them!

If you are interested in the Sulky Soluble Stabilizer Fabri-Solvy, here is a video explaining a little more about it (starting at the 5:50 point).

And thanks to Jodie for sharing, what a great idea!